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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Heavy Duty Excavator LiuGong India is launching a new 21 ton medium range excavator- 921 D I. This new excavator is made in India and made for world. It has best in class performance with low owning and operating cost. 921 D I is a heavy duty excavator. To boost the fuel efficiency 921 D I is designed with a negative flow hydraulics that optimizes the main control valve and cylinders to improves the speed of equipment while working and reducing down on the hydraulic system’s pressure loss, leads to increase in fuel efficiency. The synchronization between pilot valves and main control valve offers precise control. Features: Additional buffer valve is provided for smooth hydraulic operation. High breakout forces of bucket, arm and high torque of powerful swing motor have reduced the swing cycle time considerably in 921 D I. All main components of 921 D I are from renowned global sources like- Cummins, Kawasaki, Rotherde etc. LiuGong CLG 921 D I is equipped with the Advanced Auto Idling system, that is when machine is not at work, auto Idle system lowers the engine RPM to optimum RPM which results in saving the machine fuel. Additionally, to overcome such challenges, LiuGong strives on regular training of Operators at Customer site. www.liugong.com Vibratory soil compactor Liugong India is launching vibratory soil compactor model 611 BSIII, designed keeping in mind the unique working conditions of India. The model features a cab that offers better visibility and ergonomically placed controls for the operator. The 3-grade absorption rubber used in the model helps in reducing the vibration felt by the operator. LiuGong soil compactors are suitable for road building and full set of road maintenance work. Brand components suppliers of road roller offer quality parts, Kirlosker engine with lower noise and emission, meeting the requirement of environment protection. The road roller with high-visibility and comfortable cab, adjustable operation platform and skid high-back seat, warm all are designed to provide the operator with a high level of comfort. Streamlining design makes the compactor has good appearance, and also offering easier engine maintenance. 47 www.liugong.com www.ghmediabusiness.com Easier and convenient to assemble the foot Pad according to the special requirement of operator which makes better compaction impact.