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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT The New PK 18.001L SLD 3 In the rear-mounted brick and block crane segment, the new PK 18.001L SLD 3 provides efficient handling of building materials and an ergonomic design. Crane operators will find improved working conditions in the PK 18.001L SLD 3. For example, the entry and exit areas have been enlarged and legroom increased to a maximum. The Paltronic terminal and the control panels can be reached easily, and the displays have been repositioned to make them even easier to read. This means that crane operators can complete their tasks safely, quickly and with as little fatigue as possible. into the control lever. This prevents unintentional opening of the grab. An optional LED or halogen working light ensures the best possible visibility in the loading area. If requested, the crane is delivered with an access ladder that has been adapted to the model. Numerous additional functions and systems are available in order to adapt the model series perfectly to the user’s specific requirements. For example, warning lights on the stabilisers or stabilisers that can be tilted 60° are available. An optional dead man’s switch for the brick stack grabs can be integrated The PK 18.001 SLD 3 offers lifting moment of 17.7 mt with a maximum hydraulic reach of 13.5 metres. SLD 3: On this version, the L-crane has a manual joystick control and Paltronic. Thanks to the high performance stability control (HPSC), the maximum lifting capacity can be used to the full at every point of the stability curve. www.palfinger.com Hydraulic Excavator, Rock Breaker and Crane Kobelco Construction Equipment India Pvt. Ltd (KCEI) plans to deploy the new 38-Ton Generation-10 Hydraulic Excavator model SK380XDLC which is being introduced in the Indian market just before EXCON. SK220XDLC with Long Reach attachment This machine comes with several benefits to the Customer making it a preferred choice for most of the tough mining applications. Fuel efficiency is taken to a new level and out is increased with larger heavy duty Buckets. The heavy-duty high-performance Okada Rock Breaker will also be on display. KCEI is also to display the SK220XDLC-10 model introduced earlier this year. However, the focus will be on the 50- feet Long-reach Attachment, which is being promoted by the Company as an optional attachment for some relatively new site applications. This latest Generation 10 model has been very well received in India for its great Value for Money USP. 46 The Kobelco Stall in Excon will be shared, as usual, by the Cranes team, which is now merged into KCEI as part of a global strategy. A 100 Ton capacity Crawler-mounted Crane model CKL 1000i will be on display at the Stall. Kobelco Cranes are the market leader in their served market segment. SK380XDLC-10 Visit Kobelco at Excon. Outdoor Stall # 45 in the Orange Lo. www.kobelconet.in www.ghmediabusiness.com