JUNE-JULY 2018 Nov-Dec 2017 - Copy - Page 42

In Conversation with Mr. Robby Shell Chief Operating Officer, PERMCO INC. Permco is a leading manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic gear and vane pumps and motors, flow dividers, intensifiers, and accessories. Please tell us about your journey in the recent years. What does the future hold for Permco? “ 42 We are taking a very big initiative in India. We have chosen very good partners to work with. They know the market in India. We are now integrating our global OEM customer base with our new friends in India so that we can make maximum use of our global networking strategy. We are looking at big things in India and are excited about the growth that we see coming in India.” The Perfection Machining Company was founded in 1964 to design and manufacture replacement parts for the mining industry. Renamed Permco four years later, the family-owned business developed a wide array of replacement hydraulic parts and eventually expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include cast iron parts and the resulting complete units. Today, Permco maintains focus on customer service and continues a decades- long tradition of developing fluid power systems that meet each of their customer’s specific needs. Permco’s product offering now includes gear and vane pumps/ motors, flow dividers, intensifiers and a variety of accessories and components. 2016 was a difficult year in North America. Energy and Exploration was off. Agriculture was down. It was a challenging year. This year we have better hopes that the Energy Exploration market will improve as well as the infrastructure package throughout North America New products are being driven by our innovation team in several markets like Oil and Gas, Construction Equipment Market. These are going to be a key part of our 2017 planning. We understand that Permco has entered into a long term alliance with Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, the 9th largest construction equipment maker in the world. What value does this bring to Permco? XCMG specializes in difficult hardworking machines like cranes and bulldozers. Their manufacturing expertise in the hydraulic cylinder world is valuable to Permco in this relationship. www.ghmediabusiness.com