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CASE STUDY-FARO SPACE PLANNING EXPERTS CONDUCT SITE SURVEYS USING THE FARO FOCUS3D -a professional laser scanning solution to meet TOZ’S measurement challenges DEVELOPING A NEW MARKET FOR CO-WORKING SPACES The Focus3D can deliver highly accurate measurements both indoors and outdoors. As a result of the trend towards working outside of traditional office spaces, a new market of co-working or shared offices has seen rapid growth worldwide over the last two decades. In South Korea, TOZ is the largest designer and provider of solutions for co- working spaces. The company carefully plans, designs,and operates collaborative spaces to optimize the co-working experience for its customers THE CHALLENGE OF CONDUCTING ONSITE SURVEYS The Open Study Room at TOZ Study Center. 40 An employee conducting a survey using a measuring tape and laser ruler. To TOZ, the first step – conducting preliminary building surveys – is the most crucial as the process is necessary to create an accurate office space blueprint, and to develop plans for preparing a site. However, a major challenge was that TOZ had to survey more than 100 different buildings each year. Also, it was very tedious to measure the interiors of old buildings, as well as curved and angular walls. Before deploying the Focus3D, TOZ had manually measured working spaces using laser rulers and measuring tapes. In addition to the large amount of time and effort required, the manual process frequently recorded inaccurate measurements. Even though errors were captured in just one or two structures out of every 100 buildings measured, TOZ was keen to improve the accuracy and efficiency of its measurements. LIMITATIONS OF EXISTING HAND TOOLS AND THE SEARCH FOR A SOLUTION While searching for a solution for these measurement challenges, Ms. Heo Jihyeon, Leader of the Architecture Team at TOZ, recalled an effective 3D laser scanning technology she saw while overseas. She shared, “I came across this technology while working in England, and it seemed to be a viable solution for our challenges.” At Ms. Heo’s recommendation, TOZ adopted the technology to eliminate human errors from its measurement processes. TOZ’S TOP CHOICE: FARO LASER SCANNER FOCUS3D X 130 The FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 130 is a high-speed scanner capable of scanning buildings www.ghmediabusiness.com