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CASE STUDY-REXROTH first pass hole proceeded 24/7. The Schramm rig quickly outpaced the Plan A vertical bore hole rig, and had widened the pilot hole from 5.5 inches to 12 inches along the entire 2,260- foot length in a little over two weeks. According to Schramm officials, the reliable performance of the Rexroth AA11VLO130 pumps was crucial to the speed of the drilling. “The pumps are mission critical to the T130XD – if the pumps are out of commission, there is no hoist Schramm control systems team leader. “It’s important to note that the Schramm T130XD used for the rescue had zero down time directly attributable to the rig throughout the rescue process. The Rexroth pumps did their part,” he said. The entire world watches the final rescue or rotation,” said Brian Brookover, The AA11VLO130 pumps on the T130XD enable high input speeds, which is especially important for high-altitude operation. Because the Plan B hole being drilled by the Schramm rig was going so The drilling would continue just as handled both the drill pipe and the much faster than the Plan A hole quickly with this larger down-the-hole casing for this safety step. (which still had not completed its hammer, which took full advantage of first pass), it appeared increasingly the rig’s high-capacity top head. likely that the T130XD hole would be T130XD began its drilling, the second the rescue hole – and that instead Most of the hole drilled by the T130XD pass was completed; four days later, of taking until “around Christmas,” was through solid rock; however, the as a worldwide audience estimated in the process could be completed by top 300 feet was looser material. It the hundreds of millions watched, all mid-October. was decided that this would be lined 33 miners were safely re-united with with 24-inch steel casing, to prevent their families and communities, and In preparation for its second pass, loose rock from falling down the hole Chile celebrated a miracle under and the T130XD was outfitted with a and jamming the rescue capsule. The above the earth. 12- to 28-inch expansion boring tool. T130XD’s flexible tilt-out head easily CMYK / .ai Facebook “f ” Logo CMYK / .ai www.boschrexroth-us.com www.ghmediabusiness.com 39 Facebook “f ” Logo On October 9, just 33 days after the