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CASE STUDY-REXROTH Rexroth’s AA11VLO series of axial utilize one of the existing pilot holes piston variable displacements pumps to drill a rescue portal, and would are designed for hydrostatic drives not have to be emplaced directly in open circuits. They offer high above the miners. power capacity and displacement • The T130XD in Chile was equipped in a compact design, with nominal with Schramm’s highest capacity top pressure of 5100 psi (350 bar) and head, capable of drilling holes up to maximum pressure of 5800 psi (400 28 inches in diameter. bar.) The AA11VLO130 is equipped • The T130XD is designed for fast with a charge pump enabling high teardowns and relocations, enabling input speeds, which is especially it to make the 1,000 km trip in important at high-altitude operation, relatively short time. like Chile. Its 130 cc/rev (7.93 in /rev) 3 The reliability of the Rexroth AA11VLO pumps is especially critical in deep drilling applications requiring high pressure capacity and pullback force delivered by the drill rig. can operate at engine speeds up to Given the advantages offered by 2,500 rpm. the T130XD, the Chilean mining authorities developed a “Plan B” T130XD was designed for drilling applications such as shallow oil and gas, deep water wells, geothermal exploration and...deep mine rescue. When the Chilean government sent rescue plan: the T130XD would out the call across the country for enlarge one of the 5.5-inch diameter assistance, it was determined that the initial probe holes, drilled with two T130XD rig offered several potential passes. The first pass would increase advantages for the rescue: its diameter to 12 inches and the • The T130XD is well-suited for second pass to 28 inches diameter, to A key component of the hydraulic drilling with reverse-circulation system that powers the Schramm down-the-hole hammers, making it drill are the Rexroth AA11VLO especially ideal for drilling through Putting Plan B into action the Chilean granite. Arriving at the San Jose mine on variable displacement axial piston pumps, supplied by local Rexroth • 66&( 2&rv2FW6vVBFG&F7G&'WF"&ƖRG&VƖ722ࢄ&V6VfbfW'F62V&ƖrBFr&W67VR&rF&RvW&VB6WFV&W"3FRC3Bv0V6ǒ6WBWBG&ƖrFP66&6VV7FVBFR&W&Fd3V2vVFW6vpFRC3B&V6W6RbFV"&fVW&f&6R'F7V&ǒFVWG&ƖrƖ6F2&WV&rFRv&W77W&R66GBV&6f&6PFVƗfW&VB'FR&r66&( 2G&W6W2fW"&W&Fd3V2v67WǐG&VƖ2&W77W&RFFRF7@VBB7B7ƖFW'2FRF7BVB2FRV66BFPFbFRG&7BFB&fFW0FRV&6f&6RFVFPFW6G2bfVWBbRFvFPSFR7B7ƖFW'27W'@F2gV7F3FRf&&RF76VVBV2FRC3B7WǒG&VƖ2&W77W&RFFRF7BVBf"VFrFW6G2bfVWBbRwwrvVF'W6W726