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profile Drive & Control CASE STUDY-REXROTH Mining A Miracle: Mobile drilling rig equipped with Rexroth hydraulics frees Mining A Miracle: Mobile drilling rig equipped Chilean miners with Rexroth hydraulics frees Chilean miners Challenge: Rescue 33 miners trapped in a gold mine collapse, using Schramm Inc.’s advanced T130XD mobile deep drilling rig to drill a 28-inch wide hole through solid granite Rexroth Solution: When the Chilean government sent out the call for assistance, it was determined that the Schramm T130XD rig, equipped with Rexroth hydraulics, offered several potential advantages for the rescue. The whole world watched as Schramm’s T130XD mobile drilling rig, equipped with durable Rexroth AA11VLO130 variable displacement pumps, drilled deep into a Chilean gold mine and dramatically rescued 33 trapped miners in record time . 36 Gold mines are some of the deepest trapping 33 miners about 2,300 feet mines in the world. When disasters below the surface. such as a mine collapse occur, the challenge of rescuing anyone trapped They waited for 17 days until a below can be monumental. On Aug. small bore hole drilled from above 5, 2010, a cave-in occurred at the reached their location, and the San Jose gold and copper mine near miners attached a message informing the northern city of Copiapó, Chile, the world above that they were • Four Rexroth AA11VLO130 variable displacement axial piston hydraulic pumps − Open circuit pump with charge pump − Nominal pressure 5100 psi (350 bar) − Peak pressure 5800 psi (400 bar) − Displacement of 130 cc/rev. or 7.93 in 3 /rev. Results: • High displacement capacity and proven reliability support the T130XD’s performance • Rexroth pumps power the top head and master cylinders of the drilling system—to manage thousands of feet of drill pipe • Schramm rig originally designated as “Plan B” quickly turns into the primary rescue solution • 80 to 90 day estimate of original drilling rescue timeframe was reduced to 33 days • All 33 miners rescued safely www.ghmediabusiness.com