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ARTICLE BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES The first building in the world that interacts with people • Agnelli Foundation’s historic headquarters in Italy transformed into a digitally responsive building • Innovative indoor positioning system from Siemens • Real time adaptation of occupants needs through Internet of Things technologies • Communication with the building systems via an easy-to-use smartphone app A gnelli Foundation in Italy has had its historic headquarters in Turin transformed into an advanced Internet of Things (IoT) office building, demonstrating how digitalization is transforming conventional workplaces into the smart workplaces of the future. The new office featuring 3,000 m2 of coworking space was opened in mid- June. three-axis indoor positioning system based on smartphones and custom tags was installed. It detects and communicates the presence of occupants and positioning data, automatically triggering the appropriate response of the building’s facilities. features can be adapted in real time The indoor positioning system is The project implemented the concept of Carlo Ratti Associati architects for the landmark site of the Agnelli Foundation: creating optimal working conditions in the building in real time through geo- localization of people moving inside the complex. This means more efficient management of the building systems as well as greater comfort for people in terms of heating, cooling, shading, lighting, access, and space availability. depending on the number of people in different environments. Hundreds of sensors monitor all kinds of building data, including the location of the occupants but without identifying them. Sensors constantly check temperatures, CO2 concentration, and availability of meeting rooms. A www.ghmediabusiness.com integrated with Desigo CC, the building management system from Siemens which monitors climate, lighting, access control, CCTV and alarms and can be used to book meeting rooms. All these The easy to use system has a gaming- style interface and is available through an app for people who are in the building. The app lets occupants access the building, interact with coworkers and book meeting rooms as well as personalize their preferred environmental settings. www.siemens.com 35 “Intelligent devices generate huge amounts of data every day, every hour and every second. With the right digital tools it is possible to leverage the data and interact with the environment as never before.