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CURTAIN RAISER-EXCON CONFERENCE ON COMPONENTS FOR CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENTS THEME: SMART TECHNOLOGIES FOR SMART EQUIPMENTS India is one of the fastest growing markets for construction and earthmoving equipment globally and has emerged as a major base for manufacturing equipment and components. Investment in infrastructure is the main growth driver of the construction equipment industry. Estimates indicate the total infrastructure spending for the current Five Year Plan has increased to 9 per cent compared to the last plan. The Infrastructure Sector has seen a steady growth over the past 2 years and the construction equipment industry in India is expected to reach an estimated 5 billion USD by FY20. To fuel this growth story of India, with all indicators towards infrastructure being a key contributor, empowerment of the sector would expand the growth trajectory. The Government of India’s focus on infrastructure development is the biggest impetus, therefore putting i F6RVFRƖ6W2@( RF( &7G2FV7W&RFR6R( Fv&G2&RVff6VB&RG&VƖ277FV3FVWFfRFVff6V7bG&VƖ70( 77FVFW6vf"VW&wVff6V7g&F2W'7V7FfR46WFW&&Vv2&v6pFWfV6fW&V6R6VG26'@FV6vW2f"6'BWVVG2BW6#rFPGFFV6V&W"#r&v&R4dU$T4RUBtTe$5E%T5EU$PFR6fW&V6RvV672FRfvr6W762FV66&W6VFF2FR6fW&V6RvVBf7W2FRWg&7G'V7GW&R&V7G0FR6VG'&W6VBG&VG2BVVFF7FGW2`FR&V7G2&Rb67G'V7FWVVBVf7GW&p6W2f"F'VFrBW6֖rWrFV6w( &r7GW&R67G'V7FWVVN( 26VG2@FRvf'v&@( rFFRgWGW&RWFW26W26PFVƖvV6R6V7FfGB&PDTS44$RB5U5D$Re$5E%T5EU$P%TDrU$bD5%UDdRDT4uF26fW&V6R2VBFW&RrFg&7'V7GW&PBWVVBGW7G'6G&6f&G6VbFRW&`F7'WFvFWRf"66&ƗGF'VFr@7W7FW"fVRvRFR'GVGf"F26vf6@BvVB&WV&RFWFW&֖VBBVffV7FfRWV7WF`FWfVVB2FVVFR6RbFRFW"7V66W76gVvw&wF6VG&W04dU$T4Ru$TT45E%T5DE$TE2bDT4tU0F26fW&V6RvVB6VFRFRfvrvVF( ff&F&RW6rFV6vW0( G&VG2BFV6vW0( 66R7GVFW0wwrvVF'W6W726Ю( w&VV'VFrfVVB( 2F#0