JUNE-JULY 2018 Nov-Dec 2017 - Copy - Page 19

FEATURE CORADIA iLINT THE CLEAN TRAIN OF TOMORROW Born of a global movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions coupled with the desire to offer silent, green alternatives to diesel on non-electrified lines, iLint is the world’s first low-floor, fuel cell train. THE PRINCIPLE Electricity for the traction and on-board equipment is generated by a fuel cell, stored in a battery and recovered during braking. All this is overseen by energy management algorithms which optimise the system. This virtuous circle makes Coradia iLint an unprecedented innovation. 100% emission-free, it is the definitive green product. A FUEL CELL THE HYDROGEN, generates electrical energy via chemical reaction, combining a fuel (hydrogen) with a combustion agent (the oxygen in the air). The only exhaust? Water and steam. The fuel cell powers the traction motor during accelera FBBFR6RFRFR&GFW&W2B&&BWVVB 7F&VB2v2FrF2FR&b2FRgVVW6VB'FRgVV6VBv&R7WƖVB''FW"ं ĕDTԔ$EDU$U2DRUĔ%4dU%DU"DRE$5DdU%DU"4dU%DU"DRE$5DD 7F&R'BbFRWG&VW&w&GV6VB'FRgVV6V2vV0WF2VW&w&V6fW&VBGW&p'&rFR&GFW&W27WǒFRG&VFW"&W&FB6&PW6VBF&7BFR66VW&FbFRG&vVV6W76'6fW'G2VV7G&6VW&w&V6VfVBg&FRgVV6V FR&GFW'FFB@FFRf&W2&&@WVVB"6FFrF'276VvW"f&FF72ƖvF~( bV7W&W2FBFR&&FRVW&w2G&6֗GFVB&WGvVVFRgVV6VFR&GFW'BFRG&7FF"B66V7G2VW&wvVW&FVB'FRfVV@bFRG&GW&r'&r&VF7G&'WFr@FFRWƖ'6fW'FW"BFR&GFW&W2G&fW2FRvVV0f"66VW&F@'&r4U$4S5DЧwwrvVF'W6W726У