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ARTICLE MACHINING WITH CO 2 Simultaneously lubricating, cooling and cleaning with CO 2 snow Marked increase in productivity of machining processes By using CO 2 as a process coolant, the cost-efficiency of machining can be significantly improved. With its quattroClean system, acp has developed a solution suitable for use in serial productions. Among other things, it increases productivity by around a third when machining workpieces made from PEEK and aluminum. A further advantage is that components and machines stay much cleaner. I n recent years, the use of CO 2 as a coolant for machining processes has become much more popular as an alternative to conventional cooling lubricant concepts. One of the reasons for this is the higher rate of material removal, which increases productivity and also reduces tool wear and the associated downtimes. The so-called cryogenic cooling method with carbon dioxide therefore decreases production costs. With its quattroClean snow jet technology, acp – advanced clean production GmbH offers a cooling system that has proved its worth in serial productions. It can also be integrated into CNC machines and machining centers at a later stage. Reliable cooling thanks to non-wearing circular two- component nozzle The quattroClean system works with liquid carbon dioxide, which 16 Cooling and cleaning with the quattroClean technology when machining aluminum www.ghmediabusiness.com