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MERGER & AQUISITION Faro® Announces Acquisition of Dustin Forensics FARO® announced the acquisition of Dustin Forensics, a digital forensic animation firm based in Adairsville, Georgia. The acquisition of a world- renowned forensics services firm represents the logical next step in actualizing the FARO® vertical business growth strategy. Dustin Forensics has been led by David Dustin, an innovator in 3D crime and accident scene reconstruction and a pioneer in the legitimatization and admissibility of 3D data as an accepted courtroom tool. David will be taking on the newly created role of Director of Public Safety – Forensics Services. Dustin Forensics real world expertise will not only strengthen the FARO service portfolio but also extend reach into the broader markets of public and corporate security where there are significant opportunities to deliver comprehensive 3D scanning services for pre-incident planning, proactive threat assessments, and soft target protection. About FARO FARO is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. The Company develops and markets computer-aided measurement and imaging devices and software for the following vertical markets: • Factory Metrology – High-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and complex structures within production and quality assurance processes • Construction BIM-CIM – 3D capture of as-built construction projects and factories to document complex structures and perform quality control, planning and preservation • Public Safety Forensics – Capture and analysis of on-site real world data to investigate crash, crime and fire, plan security activities and provide virtual reality training for public safety personnel market design and legacy part replication • 3D Machine Vision – 3D vision for both control and measurement to the manufacturing floor through 3D sensors and custom solutions FARO’s global headquarters is located in Lake Mary, Florida. The Company also has a technology center and manufacturing facility consisting of approximately 90,400 square feet located in Exton, Pennsylvania containing research and development, manufacturing and service operations of our FARO Laser Tracker™ and FARO Cobalt Array Imager product lines. The Company’s European regional headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany and its Asia-Pacific regional headquarters is located in Singapore. FARO has other offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Switzerland, India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Australia. • Product Design – Capture detailed and precise 3D data from existing products permitting CAD analysis and redesign, after About Dustin Forensics A company specializing in the usage, sale and service of 3D scanning as well as imaging devices. Their Engineers and Technicians have performed thousands of www.faro.com scans in adverse conditions around the world. Everything from Fire scenes to Homicides. They are experts in the creation of 3D animations for use at trial. Global MDA Journal is widely distributed in almost all the industries and provides direct reach to your prospective companies in 49 countries and a million readers in the world. For more information, visit www.GHMediaBusiness.com www.ghmediabusiness.com 15 Our e-Book is available on Kindle, Readwhere & Kobo e-Reading platforms. www.dustinforensics.com