June Circle Kapers

THE OFFCIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE FLORIDA DISTRICT OF : SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! 1 2 Keep Calm Summer’s Here Spring DLSSP 3 The Boss Ladies 4 The June Kapers provides all the information needed to make your summer the best one yet! The new District Board is ready to take on CKI full speed ahead, helping everyone be ready for a successful new CKI year. Take advantage of the resources available and keep on carrying the CKI spirit! District Goals 5 Whether you are vacationing, taking classes, or traveling the service doesn't have to stop here! Take advantage of the extra time and beautiful weather to engage in your favorite activity...volunteering! Exercise, tanning, and making new friends all comes naturally when cleaning up a street, building a new home, or removing invasive species around your community! Your leadership can also grow by attending Leadership Academy or Circle K International Convention . What about fellowship? There’s plenty of CKIers…. More specifically 360 of us all around Florida wanting a volunteer buddy . Governor’s Project June Babies 6 What Are You Up To? July Babies 8 CKI Nearest You! Resources Adriana Choi Nathan Franklin Daniella Knight Reid Collier Freddy Jimenez Katie Widener 7 Emily Sachs Laverne Handfield Allison Cordell Zabrina Abolarin Rachel Warner- Shout out: Love you!!- Robert LavVerne Handfield- Shout Out: You da best! - Robert Cathy Telfer :Shout out fom Jordyn Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence. FLORIDA CIRCLE KAPERS VOLUME 46, ISSUE 1