JUNE 2018 After Fourteen Years At VOL, Here’s How Fr. Mike Adds Up Fr. Mike has been a very busy man. He is on the go so much that it’s hard to keep track of him! We wondered if it were possible to put a number of the many times he visited the sick for anointing, baptized children and catechumens, or heard confessions. Not an easy task. Trying to put a number on sick visits and anointing would be like trying to count grains of sand at a beach - nearly impossible. Hearing confessions? He’s heard thousands of confessions here at VOL, but he also heard confessions at nursing homes, other schools, and penance services. Only God knows that number. But...because Fr. Mike has a very clever and enterprising office staff (humble, too), we were able to put together some rough estimates. The numbers reflect only sacraments administered at VOL, and the fu- nerals include those with Masses only. Even though these numbers are estimated, and in fact should be much larger, they are still astonishing. Our pastor has served us and our community very well. The proof is in the numbers...and our hearts. Baptisms First Communion Masses Weddings Confirmation Masses 314 23 129 28 Funeral Masses & Memorial Svcs. 405 Newsletter Articles 132 Views From the Pews 475 PAGE 5