JUNE 2018 Final Thoughts Amidst A Few Tears The Ministry Director of Visitation of Our Lady is Christie Bourg. Christie is also the editor of the parish’s monthly newsletter. In that capacity, Christie asked me to answer a few questions before I leave VOL to start another passage of my life’s journey. Where will you be moving to? What will you be doing there? I will be moving to St. Philip Neri Parish in Metairie. St. Philip is approximately equal in size to VOL. You get there by taking a right on the Power Blvd. exit of I-Ten as you head toward the airport. In a hundred yards or so after you turn on Power, take a right on Kawanee. St. Philip is just a hop, skip and jump away. Its parishioners are mostly middle income and college educated. I will be the Parochial Vicar at St Philip. A very good friend of mine, Msgr. Harry Bugler, is pastor. Harry is my Spiritual Director. As Parochial Vicar, I will be doing just priestly things. Because I will no longer be dean or pastor, I will have no administrative duties, allowing me to cut my work week from 70-hours to 50-hours. I plan to use the extra hours to spend time with my family. What are you looking forwad to at your new parish? When I became a priest, I decided to have a special ministry to the sick, the lonely and the dying. I have done a lot of that here at VOL, but my new role at St. Philip will enable me to do that kind of ministry even more. It will be a great gift to me. When you first came to VOL, what were some of the things you wanted to accomplish? I wanted to make certain “I” did nothing but that “we” did a lot. I asked many people [YH]^H[^\[Y]]\ H\B\\\H\\[H\[\H]Y]HH[H܈] [YH\”QH œ\X]YHH[&]YܙH[K]\HZ[YH[RK\H[B]H[K]Y]ܚ][K\ܛHZ[[˂\\[ۙ\YH^H[YX]]YHB[\\ˈ[ܝܙ\HZ[[[BX[YHHܛY\ۈ[K[\[™YH[\\H\[BY\ˈH\\[ۙ\ZY 8'[B]HH[HH[ܛ'HHZY 8'][\[ \Hx'H^[۝܈]\HYHX]]Y[[HX]\[HYH^H]YHقH8'\]][ۋ8'HHYۘ[X\HܙY][\Yۘ[\[[^X] [ۙH^KBXYYXHHݙ[H[H\H[X]]Y[\[[H[H]KBX[Y[YHۘܙ]H]YK]\\[ۙ\[Z\[ۙYHۙK[ًXKZ[X\H]YHH[Y[][K[B\]Y H[Z]Y[[]X\ۙHܞB[XXو^HZ[Y\ˈH[Y]Y]Y\\\YܚY\XZH\]X[[[K\Y[YX\]\H]H[ܙH[  ܚY\H[Hو \BY[[ۙYXݙKH[YHYX]YHXۙ[H[Z[ˈ\[^H M ^YX\š\KH]H]\YYX] MHX\]XXYZˈH[Y\HH]\\\\ B[Y\YX]Y^Y\\XH[XܚYXX[][ˈ[ HXYH]\[]\HۙHو^HZ[Y\\Y]\\ H][Y[ܙH[ LZ[\Y\[X[YKHH] H\\ۈH\[]H\\X[ۜˈZ[\X[YHۙHوH\\Z\[H[\B\[\K۝[YYۈYH