June 2017 Magazines - Page 73

Pastimes Roadside RESCUE Bringing New Life to Upholstered Furniture By DeDee Birdsall Are your upholstered pieces outdated and lacking character? Is a garage sale find that’s the perfect shape and size for your room the wrong color for your current decor? If you’re looking to change furniture with good bones, yet don’t want the added expense of hiring an upholsterer, we’ve got a project for you! The newest trend in home decorating–chalk painting fabric –is simple, fun and inexpensive. Why chalk paint? Unlike other paint, chalk paint is perfect for fabric because it is porous and breathable, holds up well under normal use and creates the look of leather that’s soft and subtle to the touch. And, believe it or not, nobody will ever guess your secret. First Impression Your first impression won’t be your last with this project. Don’t rule out roadside or thrift store finds, or the old chair you put in storage, as most anything goes. Any upholstered piece with good structure and sturdy, low nap fabric free of holes or tears will work. Patterns within the fabric are fine, giving the painted piece added dimension. The chair we chose was outdated, but not for long! With a stroke of the brush we transformed it into a contem- porary piece fit for any modern day home. June/July 2017 73