June 2017 Magazines - Page 57

A Step Above 2017 Mollie Mars Coronado High School Valedictorian Mollie Mars is, by any measure, a vision of success. Throughout her high school years, she has demonstrated a clear commitment to being the best in her class while upholding high standards for leadership through student council and community service. As she moves into her future, she plans to measure success on her own terms, that is, not by how much money she makes or things she has, but by the quality of work she does, the relationships she fosters, and the positive impact she has on the lives of others. Hard work, perseverance and this exceptional philosophy elevate Mollie Mars to– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.8 Sports/Activities • Freshman Soccer, 2013-2104; Captain • JV Soccer, 2014-2105 • Heat FC 99 Girls Club Soccer, 2013-2015 • Student Council, 2013-Present • Freshman Class Treasurer, 2013-2014; Sophomore Class Treasurer, 2014-2015 • Student Body Secretary, 2016-Present • National Honor Society, 2015-Present • AP Academy, 2014-Present • Cougars United, 2013-Present • Nevada All-State Academic Team–Leadership, 2013-Present Awards/Community Service • Perfect Attendance, 2013-Present • Outstanding Citizenship, 2013-Present • Student Council Honors: Star of My Grade, 2014-2015; Most Dedicated, 2015-2016 • Scholar Athlete, 2013-2015 • Bears 4 Love, 2013-2014 • NV Special Olympics Volunteer, 2013-2016 • Friends in the Desert Volunteer, 2013-2017 • Blind Center of Nevada Volunteer, 2014-2015 • St. Rose Dominican Pediatric Unit Volunteer, 2015-2016 • Be Kind Foundation Volunteer, 2013-2017 • Las Vegas Rescue Mission Volunteer, 2013-2017 • Homecoming Bash Committee and High School Nation Committee Chair, 2015-2017 • Mr. Coronado Committee Co-Chair, 2015-2017 Where do you see yourself in 10 years? “I want to be doing something that I love, either with a new and exciting career or favorite hobby. More importantly, I hope to have maintained a strong relation- ship with my family. I never want to lose the bond with them, especially with my sister, and I only hope it grows stronger the older I get.” What’s special about your journey to Valedictorian status? “Freshman year, the first day of English in Mrs. Bennet’s room, I set this goal for myself. I knew that through dedication and a tenacious mindset, I could accomplish this goal. There have been times where I felt like giving up, but I knew I would not only be letting myself down, but also my parents and teachers.” How would you characterize your success? “One characteristic that makes me successful is resilience. I’ve had times of uncertainty in my life, but being effective in difficult circumstances enacts change and propels me forward. Additionally, success is found by being honest with myself; it allows me to grow, dig deep and achieve my long term goals.” June/July 2017 What philosophy do you call upon to overcome adversity? “Every challenge we successfully con- front in life serves to strengthen our will, confidence, and ability to conquer future obstacles. By responding positively and constructively to adversity, strength, courage, character, and perseverance emerge from deep inside me. I strongly believe that accepting adversity helps you overcome it.” 57