June 2017 Magazines - Page 71

6.9-11 – 6th Annual Health, Healing, Happiness Conference Tuscany Suites & Casino, 255 E. Flamingo Rd. The largest event of its kind in Nevada, get versed on nutrition, natural solutions and help for the mind and spirit. Includes noted speakers, renowned vegan chefs, fitness experts, cooking demonstrations and more. Visit www.health-healing-happiness.com for info. 6.9, 16, 23 & 30 – Wet ‘n’ Wild Dive-In Movie Nights Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas, 7055 S. Fort Apache Road Turn a day out at Wet 'n' Wild to a night at the movies! Catch great movies while floating under the stars at the wave pool or simply lounge around on a deck chair. Visit www.wetnwildlasvegas.com for more information. 6.10 – Henderson Libraries’ Summer Reading Program Kick Off Paseo Verde and Gibson Libraries Fun, family festivities will kick off Henderson Libraries’ summer reading program, which is set to include three two-day youth camps: Legos (6.26-27), Science (7.10-11) and Theatre (7.24-25); and a Harry Potter themed lock in (7.28). Visit www.hendersonlibraries.com for info. 6.10 – Downtown Rocks Summer Concert Series Fremont Street Experience Set to the dynamic backdrop of the world’s largest digital display, the Viva Vision canopy, noted artists Fuel, Tonic, Marcy Playground and Dishwalla perform in a high energy environment in the heart of Downtown. Visit www.vegasexperience.com for info. 6.10 – Be My Neighbor Day with Daniel Tiger Windmill Library, 7060 W. Windmill Ln. Celebrate a beautiful day in the neighborhood with Daniel Tiger and friends. The free, family-fun event will be packed with kindness activities, food, music, a “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” sweater drive and more. Register at w wrfVv7'2&rb( 2&VvvRFRFW6W'@6&6VGFVFW"Sw&B6VG&wFR6&&&VƖfW7GR6W2ƗfRvFW62'G27&gG2BfB7G&vBg&FR6G266VGVV@W&f&W'26VFR6榒&&6RF7FWV276f&RB&Rf6@wwr&VvvVFVFW6W'B6f"F6WG2Bfb( 27&BV&VRw&W *&VVfBf"w&BvgBWF6fVFFW"FVB66362fVv2&fBFRv&BfW2w&Wvf"FV"ƗfVǒBV&6VB&Vf"FRBFv7Fr6V6'g&VFǒ6rf"f֖ƖW2ffV7FVB'WF6dBf&W26vW2f&RvF'F&6VVG2&VRЦfGFrFR&rf6Bw&FvgFfVFF&rf"fb2b#"#R( 22fVv2S2vW066fVBS2fVv2&fB6RWBFFRfVBf"6RW6Fr&6V&7F22fVv>( vS2FRFR67&VF&fW 6G22bBFR6BR&VW2#"#Rf6Bwwr֖"6f"F6WG2B66VGVRfbr( 2vrv&TgV'VWVW7G&&6#WVW7G&G"W"&vWB6WBtrƖvBWFRWVW7G&G&vrFRF&GF&RB&VBFR7VW VBvR'Vr"vƶrF2VVRVFW"FR7F'2Tf6Bwwr7FfR6f"fb3( 22fVv2&W7FW&BvVV'F6Fr2fVv2&W7FW&G0R&W6W'fFBv&Bvr&W7FW&G2B6VFW&W2^( fRv2vFVBFG'BFRW@f"vB6W6R'F6Fr&W7FW&G2vffW"&fR6VV7F2vF'FbFR&6VVG2vrFVF&VR7V&RfB&f6BwwrVWFFVWFb&rf"FWF2b#2#R( 2r2fVv26֖262fVv26fVF6VFW"3S&F6R&BW&RFƖrBgVfVB6fVFFVF6FVBFFR&W7B6֖72FBV6&RvFf'VW2&W27V6wVW7G2BrV&&Ɩf6Bwwrv7fVv66֖666f"F6WG0Bfb#B( 2GFV&VW2'&Ww2b$%fW7Ff6W'66BFV##R7&r&Bf&RWFR&&&V7VRBvWB&VGFVBBF2VW62fBB&VW"fW7Ff֖7&'&Ww2BW2v&B672&VW2W662Bw&VBfB&VBWBFRgVf6Bwwr6W'666VFW'FV@f"fb#R( 237BV( &&&bƖf^( ХG&62fVv2322fVv2&fBvFV&&r&W6VG2F2V&GV7FF&6RWf"bE2&W6V&66v66rf&WGbFVFVB6vW'2F6W'2BW&f&W'2f6BwwrvFV&&r&rf"F6WG2Bfb#r2( 22fVv2666w&W70G&62fVv2322fVv2&fBFw2VBWBF2F&&WfVBfVGW&rv&62'FW2ƗfRW62F6R'FW2@rW&f&6W2g&6RbFRv&N( 2&W7B6WFF'2f6Bwwrח666w&W7262fVv0f"fs