June 2017 Magazines - Page 34

Tell Us About... Pearls of Fitness Wisdom Achieving the Body of Your Dreams Sarah Ingmanson, owner of Star’s Locker fitness studios, knows a few things about getting into bikini shape. She’s competed in over a dozen contests over the years and is currently training for the Bikini Division at the Las Vegas Classic to be held November 4th at Cashman Center. Sarah believes that the principles for stage prep are widely appli- cable to anyone looking to transform their physique. Here, she offers several “pearls of wisdom” you can adopt now; giving you the power to achieve the body of your dreams. For the average person who is trying to get into shape, blowing a meal is the equivalent of losing two weeks of workouts! The bottom line - don't skip meals - especially breakfast and your post-workout meal, and don’t throw your body off with a feast- or-famine mentality. Take care you’re eating the right kind of food throughout the day to fuel and sculpt your body. Think Like a Competitor Exercise Your Mind Competitors think of muscle and fat separately. There is a building phase and a lean- ing-out phase. Many women make the mistake of just trying to lean out (reduce body fat). Despite losing weight, without muscular development your body will "sag" in undesirable areas. You’ll also have less shape and tone overall. Moreover, a body devoid of sufficient muscle will be difficult to maintain, as your metabolism slows with age and hormonal changes. Schedule Your Workouts Like Your Hair Appointments The element of consistency is key to any result and, often, things like fitness get placed on the first-to-get-cut list. I’ll often make the comment to my clients, you’d never cancel your hair appointment, so why would you cancel your fitness appoint- ments? For many of us, the act of scheduling our fitness keeps us consistent. I observe that in my most successful clients, and I witness it in myself. When prepping for a contest, this becomes essential. I literally block off two hours a week on my calendar for my midday lifting sessions. Everything else I schedule before the studio opens or on the weekend. Have a Support System in Place Another predictor of transformation success in my observation and experience is a person’s support system. Competing “takes a village”, but so does all forms of sustain- able change and transformation. Of utmost importance is your immediate family and inner circle. They can support you or they can sabotage you. This doesn't mean every- one around you has to be eating or exercising the same way as you, but it does mean they support you and allow for you to progress along your designated course with minimal disruption. In my case, I needed to wait until my daughter was old enough to be sleeping through the night and my husband’s work schedule allowed me to slip out in the morning for cardio. My husband is also a huge help with my meal prep, training, and overall encouragement. 34 Never Skip a Meal When preparing for a contest, I'm much more meticulous about getting my meals in. Food is the most important component to getting a stage-ready body. I never skip a meal, even if it's inconvenient or undesirable, I know it's that important, and I don't want all of my hard work in the gym to go to waste! It often surprises people to learn I eat “so much”. I consume over 2000 calories that consist of 45% protein, 26% carbs and 29% fat, over six to seven meals per day. June/July 2017 SPONSORED CONTENT I meditate daily for 20-30 minutes. To ensure I stay consistent, I’ve scheduled it – as a free class in the studio at 5 p.m! Meditation helps me stay in the right frame of mind when life happens, which is felt more acutely during contest prep. By calming my mind, literally every process in my body works better, from how I respond to toddler spills to how quickly I recover from a tough leg workout. The self-healing mechanisms of the body can't be understated. Food and self are the keys to body transformation. Reward Yourself When I'm transforming my physique and can't stress-eat or indulge in anything I fancy, I look for non-food ways to reward myself. My favorites include organic spray-tans, facials, pedi- cures, and lash extensions as they also help me get into stage mode, but whatever makes you feel good about yourself is a win-win. Sarah has been teaching fitness in the Valley since 2007. She has her MBA from Wharton, MA from the Lauder Institute, and BA (Summa Cum Laude) from Tufts. This former executive director at Morgan Stanley, professional figure skater, and Fulbright Scholar, is an award-winning fitness competitor, instructor, and author. Sarah talks the talk and walks the walk of empowered fitness. For more information, visit starslocker.com, call (725) 222-0548, or stop by 11251 S Eastern Ave., Ste. 180, Henderson