June 2017 Magazines - Page 26

For the Love of Food for Kabobs Food Stylist: Aly Wagonseller Is there anything more fun than food on a stick? It’s easy to serve, looks great on the plate and is an easy way to cook a variety of Art Director: Kristi Stephenson Photographer: Dave Smith ingredients in one easy step. Originating in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions centuries ago, kabobs have transcended geographical barriers, with international versions showing up globally from the streets of Bangkok to the shores of the Greek Isles. Yes, meat (and veggies) on a stick are mainstream, and a great way to utilize your barbecue as the mercury continues to rise over the next few months. Versatility is the beauty of modern day kabobs. Simply swapping out different proteins, spices, condiments and vegetables will transform humdrum chicken or beef into an exotic treat that’s per! fect for a weekday meal. Prep can be done ahead of time, making sure to cut vegetables and proteins into like sized pieces to ensure even cooking. For added flavor, marinate or dry rub meats, then store until ready to prepare. Just before it’s chow time, get the entire family involved in the skewering process; an interactive way to share daily conversation while getting them to eat a healthy meal they’ve help to create. We’ve chosen some delicious recipes that are flavorful, healthy and 26 easy to prepare. Whether you choose a caramelize Vietnamese chicken, a cinnamon infused lamb Kefta, vegetarian sweet potato and grillable cheese or a heart healthy salmon version that’s as pretty to look at as it is to eat, they’re sure to have your family going krazy for kabobs. June/July 2017