June 2016 - Page 21

Marsh & Bayou’s Fishing Forecast Mississippi Coast by Alex Smith www.alexsmithfishing.com With Memorial Day in the wake, it's time to get back to your favorite fishing holes. Inshore fishing along the Mississippi Coast is yielding coolers full of quality speckled trout and redfish. The big question is, “What are the current hot baits?” Looking on social media, you'll find that topwater lures are producing acrobatic hook-ups with big trout in the early morning hours and at dusk. MirrOlure's She Dog and She Pup have been the go-to baits. Another heavy hitter on the flats is Matrix Shad's shrimp creole and green hornet on a 1/8 oz. jig. One question commonly asked is, “Why such a light jig?” Normally I'm throwing a 1/4 oz. GoldenEye, but when fishing waist-deep water, the 1/8 oz. allows me to keep the jig just above the grass matts. Keeping the bait up entices a better strike, with the end result being a stronger hook set. You might be wondering what are the best locations right now. Large structure is always a great place to start searching for speckled trout. If you don't have access to a boat, look for stitches like broken down piers along the beachfront to wade. The barrier islands and western edge of the Biloxi Marsh are producing insane numbers of trout. Hopefully this information will help you on your next outing. Remember, it's impossible to catch fish without a line in the water. Grab some buddies and get in on the action. Tight lines! For more fishing tips on targeting inshore trophy fish, visit my Facebook page, Alex Smith Fishing. My blogs are also available on my website http://www.alexsmithfishing.com. For all questions, contact me at (228)-6692317 or email alexsmithfishing@gmail.com. Delacroix by Capt. Rykert O. Toledano, Jr. While Away Fishing Charters. (985) 778-1150 School is out and vacations are underway. Kids are beginning camps and the true summer is upon us. All of those activities tend to make it a little more difficult to get on the water. Try as you will but you have to make time as this is the beginning of the prime time’s season. Normally if there is a normal in Louisiana the winds begin to slow down from the kite flying season of early and late spring and the water begins to clear with the hope that the wind would not be prevailing out of the west. As my good friend Captain Ahab says “when the wind blows it blows.” Your first key is to look for clear water and follow that water pattern as it moves easterly throughout Black Bay and Breton Sound. Avoid those areas with muddy and unclear water. Look for the ideal tide range of 1 foot to about 1.6. If you find yourself fishing in an exceptional tide (ie.2 foot) then try to schedule your time around the period when that tide begins to weaken. This type of dramatic range will make it very difficult to catch fish. As the month goes on work your way from the outer areas such as Bay Lafourche and Bay Campo and move in the direction of Stone Island, Iron Banks, Lonesome Island and the major rigs in the vicinity of the wreck and the compressor. The prime time will be from sunrise to approximately 9:00 a.m. and in the evening from 5:00 p.m. to dark. Dedicate yourself to being one of the first fishermen on the water on those days. Remember some of the rig areas will be crowded. As I always say be courteous to your fellow fisherman if you are the second to arrive. You should always position yourself to fish on the side of the structure where the bait is holding. If you can obtain live croakers by all means do so otherwise live shrimp is your bait of choice. There will be opportunities to fish the birds in early morning and late evening and by all means take advantage of it. If you find that they are holding catfish as opposed to trout move on. Importantly a good strategy this time of year is to invite the kids and grandkids as this will invariably afford you a day on the water where otherwise the boss would be requiring that you stay at home for early summer chores. It is this time of year when a lot of anglers are leaving the dock before strong light. I remind you to always be careful and only navigate in dark to the extent that you skill allows. Be careful and pass a good time. As always feel free to call me if I can be of any assistance to you at 985-778-1150. My available dates are filling quickly. Call if you would like to book a charter. Good Fishing and Good Luck Captain Rykert O. Toledano, Jr., While Away Fishing Charters. June 2016 www.marshandbayou.com 21