Jumpstart your Child Care Center Marketing Fall 2012 - Page 5

1. Know Thyself (And Your Competition)

What’s your angle? It’s safe to assume that you are not the only center in your area providing child care. Tell families what makes you unique.

For instance:

-Collaboration with the local university’s child development program

-Eco-friendly center (Learn more here)

-Specialize in working with children with learning or social disorders, such as autism or dyslexia

-Commitment to serving only organic and whole foods to your children

-CACFP participant

-Extended or odd hours to accommodate families with unconventional work hours

2. Who is Your Target Market?

Do you see a trend among your enrollments?

Leverage what you see and target more of those enrollments. Try an informal survey with your enrollments and ask what drew them to your center. You might be surprised by some of the feedback you get.

3. How do you add value?

Child care costs are hefty. Tell your families how you add value to their lives. Tap into the intangible values that resonate with parents. It's all about emotion here.

Brainstorm 5 ways you add value and start using them in your marketing messaging.