Jumpstart your Child Care Center Marketing Fall 2012 - Page 18




Consistency and planning is key. Plan to make some time for one marketing task a day. Try some of these ideas.

1. Personal Touch: Send a thank you note to a family who toured your center.

2. Promotion Planning: Think about community members you could partner up with for a promotion. For example, team up with a local clinic to provide flu shots, or collaborate with another business and throw a joint open house. The point is to provide a valuable service to clients, while creating some buzz for your business.

3. The Pretty: You know that first impressions mean a lot. Are you keeping up with your curb appeal? Spruce up your space with a good cleaning, landscaping, or fresh paint.

4. Promotional Flyers: Freshen up any outdated flyers you might have. If you're in a college town, you might have some success teaming up with a graphic design student trying to build their portfolio. Their rates could be discounted, or even free. Don't forget to add important info to your flyer, like email addresses, rates, and benefits of your center.

5. Advertising: Besides your local newspaper, try placing advertising in local magazines. These types of magazines usually make the rounds in doctor's offices, and any other type of waiting areas.

6. Network with Other Centers: Don't forget to network with your colleagues in the industry. You never know when they might refer you to families if their enrollment is full.