Jumpstart your Child Care Center Marketing Fall 2012 - Page 12


Simply put, it's your credibility. If other people are choosing your services, you must be great, right?

Harness your own social proof with testimonials and reviews.

1. Testimonials

As you probably know, happy customers are generally pretty game to gush about how great a business is.

-Use what you have. Happy families just might be delighted to offer you a testimonial.

-If you’re uncomfortable asking for one outright, try this organic segway. If a care giver begins telling you how wonderful your center is, ask her in the moment if she’d be up for providing a testimony. Easy, huh?

-Video or written works. Just remember to include a full name and town to ensure that people know it’s legitimate. Testimonies are a great way to solidify trust for new clients. Try posting them on your social media outlets or place them on your website.