Jumpstart your Child Care Center Marketing Fall 2012 - Page 11

4. Social Media

Social Media has become a huge part of a company’s online presence. Over 60% percent of Americans are using it. Does it make sense for you, as a business owner?

If you’re not on social media, but clients have asked about it, it might be something worth exploring. As a marketing tool, social media is an inexpensive and potentially effective way to advertise your business.

With social media, you can engage in conversations with your families, offer special promotions for your followers, and strengthen your relationship with your families. Social media is all about community building, whether it be with customers or your colleagues in the child care industry.

If you’re just getting started, here are a few ideas:

-Offer specials to your Facebook or Twitter followers

-If you’re contemplating changes at your center, survey your families. Get real time feedback.

-Post industry relevant articles and ask your families what they think. Engage your community. Get people talking.

-Check out your competition