July 2018 Issue #19 July 2018 Issue #19 4Guys - Page 79

The main attraction of this restaurant is its vast patio. Equipped with picnic tables and umbrel- las, and most importantly unbeatable vistas of Toronto from across the lake, it’s the perfect summertime setting for a day on the island. Make your order at the cash register inside and take a number – your meal will be delivered to where you’re sitting (on the patio, obviously). While it’s exciting to imagine the promised up- grades to this humble deck – including Muskoka Chairs, cabanas, possible fire pit, hanging lights, and hopeful activation of the rooftop patio (cur- rently unused) –the patio is still pretty enjoyable as it stands right now. They’re beers to look forward to: Gord Slat- er, formerly of Muskoka Brewery and Niagara Brewing Co., is the brewmaster here, and a sample of one their small batch Ferry Boat cans is promising. For now, all Toronto Island Brewing Co. has in terms of beer is a small patio kiosk pouring pints of basic domestics ($7.97) and Heineken ($8.41), bottles, and tall cans ($8.85) of brews like Rickards Radler. 79