July 2018 Issue #19 July 2018 Issue #19 4Guys - Page 35

9. He doesn’t get jealous over every little thing. Sometimes a “glance” at a hot man’s ass is just that: a glance. There is no need to overreact to something that didn’t mean anything. Why? Because he knows you’re his and you know he’s yours. There are bigger fish to fry than that – if they come your way, it’ll be less stressful when it’s the only thing you’re arguing about. Every unnecessary fight creates a grudge. Over time, they turn the whole thing sour. 10. He thinks you’re gorgeous. Ain’t that amazing? Someone thinks you’re gorgeous – that can make anyone smile for days. But the thing is he doesn’t just think your gorgeous on the outside, he also thinks you’re just as beautiful on the inside. It’s clear by how delicate he approaches you, like a fragile painting. He can’t believe how lucky he is to have you, but the truth of the matter is you, in fact, are the lucky one. 35