July 2018 Issue #19 July 2018 Issue #19 4Guys - Page 34

6. He challenges your views and inspires you to think differently. No one wants a Stepford Boyfriend. Part of being in a partnership is unity despite any oppos- ing view. A relationship that inspires the other to think differently is always going to last a while because it keeps your brain juicing. You will always have something to talk about and, more importantly, lessons to learn. It’s also pretty sexy debating your man during breakfast in your underwear. 7. He’ll tell you when you’re being stupid. He has no qualms telling you that you’re overreacting. He is, after all, the foremost person to bring you back to earth when you’re feeling lost or abandoned. A man who’s unafraid to tell you you’re wrong is also just as unafraid to tell you you’re right. His focus is on the greater good of your wellbeing, which is why he’s concerned for it going down a wrong direction. Trust me, though your first instinct might be to resist, eventually you’ll find yourself on a much better path. 8. He listens to you when you’re depressed. He won’t ignore the tears or pretend like he didn’t notice something was wrong with you that morning. He wants you to be happy because when you’re happy, he’s happy. Two happy peo- ple together are one hell of a partnership – any smart man knows this. It’s a privilege for him to hear your sob stories because he knows how difficult it is for you to let your guard down in that way. He doesn’t take it lightly. 34