July 2018 Issue #19 July 2018 Issue #19 4Guys - Page 32

Sex & Relationship 10 SIGNS YOURE DATING PERFECT MAN There are very few guys who meet the man of their dreams. When it happens it’s like a miracle from gay heaven. We’ve read about him in fairy tales so when we’re staring face to face, it’s unbelievable. It’s like a dream. A gay relationship is no different than any other. The dynamics are exactly the same, the prob- lems are identical (if not worse), and the chemical bond that ties us is fueled within the same areas. You’re lucky to find him when you do. Here are a few signs you have: 1. He loves you not because of your flaws, but despite of them. When someone stays with you because of your flaws, you’re never going to be inspired to change them. You’ll be stuck in a flaw-filled universe, which can only force you to create even more flaws. But when someone loves you despite your flaws, they become fuel for you to grow and progress into a more structured life. This is something we all benefit from. 2. He’s unafraid to show affection in public. Gay couples experience this on a daily basis. We’re not as comfortable to show affection in public, which creates an uncomfortable balance in the relationship. We become hypnotized into thinking we still should be ashamed, we still ought to hide our love, and we still are sec- ond-class citizens. But when a man is unafraid to express how he feels for you publicly, he’s flicking the middle finger to all of that crap – he thinks you’re worth it. That in itself speaks thousands of words about his devotion to you. 32