July 2017 Magazines - Page 60

Making a living as an artist can be difficult. How did you make the dream a reality? In the early stages of our relationship we began purchasing glass kilns and would spend weekends making glass pendants and eventually glass bowls. Within a year we opened our first studio, making bowls and selling them through galleries across the United States, the Bellagio Hotel and for Cirque du Soleil. When working with clients, we listened to what they hoped to achieve in their space and budget, creating pieces that met their needs while enhancing their home decor. We now have clients and collec- tors all over the world and display our work at the Wynn and Encore Hotels and our own DG Gallery located at 2758 S. Highland Drive. We also pro- duced two large scale sculptures for McCarran International Airport in Terminal 3 called “Sunset Mirage” and “Cloud 9”. They were by far the most challenging and most rewarding art works we have ever created! Despite your love of working with glass, you both have very different processes. How does your art differ? Larry is very spontaneous with his work. He has a vision and begins creating right away. I think that is why he loves working in hot glass. To him there is a challenge between you and the glowing gather of molten glass at the end of a blow pipe. It requires constant attention and in those moments every- thing else fades away. It is like meditation to him. My work is kiln formed work, which takes time to process. My visions come to me in color patterns and texture. My work is usually large so I draw my designs first and have a clear vision on what the outcome will be. Our gallery work is so different from one another, yet we balance each other so well. You have big plans for the future. Do tell! Every month, we host glass fusion workshops for the public where they can sign up to make a bowl, pendants or sculptures, while also hosting live glass blowing events which are free so the public can come into our studio to watch us blow glass. We’ll be adding wine to this event soon. We’ve had so much encouragement from locals, and continue to develop more ways for the public to enjoy our art form. Visit our website or call 702-616-2830 for a schedule of events. ◆ www.DomskyGlass.com