July 2017 Magazines - Page 59

Local Artisan Life and art are beautifully intertwined for glass artists Larry and Barbara Domsky. Forming a powerful part- nership that transcends tradition, they visualize and craft in very different ways, yet find a compatibility that mimics the very median they create in. No matter whether fluid or organized; the Domskys are free to express in a manner that exemplifies personal inner consciousness, building a thriving business that enjoys commercial and international notoriety in the process. We asked the Domskys about their journey, why they chose glass, and how they hope to share this artistic median with others. You run a successful business that started with a very personal connec- tion. How did you two meet? In 1989, we shared the same group of mutual friends and would often find ourselves at the same gatherings. We eventually went out W"f'7@6FFRG&fRFRVBF6B'FRvFW"BFƲBv2F@vBFB''6&VBvFRf6RBbFRGvbW2vWGFp'&VBBfrW"7GVFBƖfRFvWFW"FVvRfP&fW76VB2fVVƖw2&vBg&FR7F'BvRFW"FRF2fP7F'F&V6RFR&W7Bbg&VG2f'7BFFFBg&VG6W"fPWfW'Fg&&rFvBvR6&&FRƖfRB'W6W72FRf66RG'VRBB2&VWFgVB&W7V7Bf"RFW"2ǒw&v7G&vW"vR&RFvWFW VǒVwW7B#rS