July 2017 Magazines - Page 41

A Step Above Jacob and Jeremiah Teems-Robinson As outstanding individuals go, Spring Valley High School graduates Jacob and Jeremiah Teems-Robinson are doubly inspira- tional. Independently, they’ve proven themselves to be strong athletes, exceptional students and hard-working young men. Faced with adversity at a young age, they both decided to rise above negative influences and apathy, choosing instead to dig deep, harness their inner strength and reach for the stars, no matter the odds. They are grateful for the help and guidance of mentors, and are ready to pay it forward. The future’s looking bright for this dynamic duo, who are, without a doubt– A Step Above. Jacob G.P.A.: 4.3 Jeremiah G.P.A.: 4.71 Sports/Clubs/Community Service: Sports/Clubs/Community Service: • Varsity Volleyball, 2015-2017; JV Volleyball, 2014-2015, B-Team Volleyball, 2013-2014 • Varsity Basketball, 2015-2017, JV Basketball, 2014-2015, B-Team Basketball, 2013-2014 • Varsity Cross Country, 2015-2017; Captain, 2016-2017 • Black Student Union, 2016-2017 • AVID College Readiness Program, 2013-2017 • Sports Leadership Program, 2016-2017 • Aracia Springs Senior Citizen Prom, 2017 • Carnival Kakehashi Project, 2014 • Bendorf Fall Festival, 2014 • Honor and Remember the Troops Car Wash, 2015-2017 • 10th Annual Japanese Contest, 2013 • Relay for Life, 2015-2017 • Varsity Basketball, 2016-2017; JV Basketball, 2014-2016; B-Team Basketball, 2013-2014 • Varsity Volleyball, 2014-2017; JV Volleyball, 2013-2014 • Varsity Cross Country, 2015-2017; Captain, 2016 • Varsity Volleyball Captain, 2017 • National Honor Society, 2014-2017; Vice President, 2017 • Mu Alpha Theta, 2015-2017; Vice President, 2017 • Japanese Club, 2014-2017 • Peer Mentor, 2015-2016 • AVID College Readiness Program, 2013-2017 • Refugee Club, 2016-2017 • SVHS Carnival Kakehashi Project • Honor and Remember the Troops Car Wash, 2016 • American Cancer Society Relay for Life, 2014-2017 • Opportunity Village Magical Forest, 2016 Scholarships/Awards: Awards/Scholarships: • Freemasons Scholarship • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas Scholarship • The Village Foundation, LJP Scholarship • AVID Participation Award, 2013-2017 • Student of the Month, May 2017 • 3 Grizzly Grams Awards, December 2014 • Nevada Academic All-American Team–Cross-Country, 2014-2016 • Nevada Academic All-American Team–Volleyball, 2014-2016 • Student Athlete of the Year, 2014/2016/2017 • Best Research Paper/Commendation Awards–Las Vegas Model United Nations Conference, 2016 • CCSD Star Graduate, 2017 • Wendy’s High School Heisman School Winner/State Finalist, 2016 • Samsung American Legion National Finalist, 2016 • SVHS Principal’s Award, 2017 • Coca-Cola Scholar Semi-Finalist • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas Scholarship • Success with Honor and Spirit Award, 2017 • Horatio Alger State Scholar, 2017 • University of Southern California Norman Topping Student Aid Fund Scholarship Jacob, what makes you successful? “What makes me successful is knowing my limits; being able to manage my priorities; knowing that challenging myself with the potential of failure is acceptable; and having a support group that I can ask help with any issue in my life, whether personal or not.” Jeremiah, how does it feel to have been accepted to USC? “I am proud to call myself a USC Trojan, because throughout high school I worked diligently to get the best grades and participate in every activity possible. I was worried that I would not be the first person in my family, alongside my twin brother, to be admitted to a four-year university. Gladly, my endless hours of studying paid off.” Jeremiah, your 7th grade social studies teacher inspired you with words. What did he say? “Throughout most of my life I did not care about my education or my future. He said that wisdom should not be wasted, and that if we chose not to take advantage of it, we were going to struggle to make ends meet in the future. I knew he was right, and I knew I had to change. Within the next month my D’s turned into A’s. These drastic results showed me that when I set my mind to something, no challenge is too great to overcome.” July/August 2017 Jacob, joining AVID seems to have been a turning point for you. How did it help? “It had very rigorous requirements, and during that year in middle school I was barely maintaining a C average GPA. I doubted myself, and as I endured the following year, I adapted to challenging, uncomfortable situations. Being in AVID showed that though I'm not the most intelligent, if I work the hardest I can achieve any of my goals.” 41