July 2017 Magazines - Page 22

For the Love of Food A Taste of Summer Favorites Food Stylist: Aly Wagonseller For almost 15 years we’ve prepared, tasted and shared some great grilling recipes. We’ve dodged the mainstream grill by Art Director: Kristi Stephenson Photographer: Dave Smith offering up grilled watermelon salad and donut ice cream sandwiches; included spice filled ethnic dishes like Korean BBQ ribs, African spicy chicken and Cuban grilled pork; even provided ideas for lighter meals that showcased grilled pineapple and sticky rice, sweet potatoes in a healthy slaw and grilled bok choy and chicken. But despite a delicious departure from tradition, there’s one thing you, our readers, consistently ask for again and again. Give us a good burger recipe and we’re ready for summer! We searched through our archives and found some of the best burger recipes (oh, and a delicious grown up dessert) that we’ve printed over the past decade and a half. A delicious turkey burger inspired by the flavors of the Southwest; a coffee rubbed beef version as big and bold as its namesake state of Texas; an epic quinoa burger with caramelized beer onions, finished with an ooey, gooey egg; and the perfect chocolate 22 stout float that won’t disappoint the 21 and over crowd. They’re all ready for you to revisit, enjoy and, if you haven’t already done so, include in summer meal rotations for years to come. Just our way of saying happy grilling and thank you for 15 wonderful years of Love of Food! July/August 2017