July 2017 Magazines - Page 42

Livin’ Local An Appetite for Adventure A Day at Lake Las Vegas By J. Tyge O’Donnell I recently visited MonteLago Village at Lake Las Vegas with the intention of spending an hour or two checking out the newly opened Proof Tavern and getting the scoop on the recently added experiences at Lake Las Vegas Water Sports. Six hours later, I finally left the desert oasis– my body wet, sore and sunburned, but my tummy full and need for adventure satisfied. It was time well spent, and I’ve officially added Lake Las Vegas to my list of places to take visiting friends and family when I’m playing the role of tour guide– a job I’m sure many locals are familiar with. Take my advice and head out to Lake Las Vegas this summer, where you’re guaranteed to find relief from the heat. It doesn’t mat! ter whether it’s in the waters of the Since my last visit, Lake Las Vegas Water Sports has expanded their aquatic experiences by adding a wakeboard tow!cable system that pulls you across the lake while you try to get up (and stay up!) on the provided wakeboard. Surprisingly, after only two cringe!worthy face plants, I found myself up and balanced and cruising comfortably– although still not able to swing the wakeboard wide enough in the turns to keep tension on the line to stay afloat. Thankfully I saw the inevitable coming and was able to perform a semi!graceful plunge back into the water before being pulled up again for the return leg of the jour! ney. For those with some basic water skiing experience though, the cable wakeboard will be quick and easy to master, and yet, still be a challenge to get through the turns. lake or while having a refreshing For newbies, I offer you the following advice: Listen to the cocktail in the comfort of a con! instructor, because he can tell what you’re doing right and temporary tavern, just be sure 42 Surf the Water to clear your schedule for the whole day because you just might lose track of time! July/August 2017 wrong. Remember to have someone taking video to record the hilarious crashes and splashes. If all else fails, try the inflatable raft instead...it’s a no!brainer and all you need to do is hang on and smile! And finally, after the experience go reward yourself with some great grub at the newly opened Proof Tavern.