July 2017 Magazines - Page 34

Air ▼ Create a personal music haven while having the one touch option to tune back into reality with Plantronics-Back- The airplane cabin has a weather system of its own. Layer on warmth without bulk in this stylish, duster cardigan by Beat-PRO-2 Bluetooth headphones. A 24 hour battery life is perfect for red- eye flights, $200. Amazon.com Ridgeway, $49. Nordstrom.com ▼ Suitcase space is a precious commodity. Pack more in your bag while keeping clothing organized with the Eagle Creek Compression Packing Bag system, $32 for 2. Eaglecreek.com ▼ 34 Transport lotions and potions onboard with Huluwa Travel Bottles. A pipette, funnel and mini spatula make it easy to transfer favorites from home to bottle, $10. Amazon.com July/August 2017 Say goodbye to aching feet while sporting a stylish ballet slipper many call the most comfy shoe on the planet. Easy to pack and available in a variety of colors and materials, $175. Tieks.com