July 2017 Magazines - Page 32

Bound Nix the ordeal of carting beach gear and towels from BEACH car to sandy heaven with the Quest Folding Utility Beach Wagon, $100.00. Dickssportinggoods.com Attaching to beach chairs, picnic tables and more, you’ll keep valuables protected from theft and the elements in the water and sand-resistant Safego Portable Travel Safe, $40. Thegrommet.com ▼ ▼ 32 July/August 2017 Nothing’s worse than putting on a bathing suit that’s wet and cold. Air out your beachwear on the Honey Can Do Folding Drying Rack, $15. Target.com Rolled Brim Hat from UVskinz.com provides UPF 50 scalp and face protection in a fashion forward package. $24.95 UVskinz.c )ɔəհ݅ѼЁͅ)ѡͅԸ齸+Z)Ѽ݅͠ݕȰѡ)%ӊéɅӊéѕȁɕ̰ӊéͭӊ)ѡUXMMո]Ʌɽѕ́(UYUYɅ́ݡ)ٕͅѥѼȁ݅ɑɽ)Í͕ɥѕ́ɕٽ)չѥѽ́ͽ̸)YٽɕЁUɄ%$MM