July 2017 Magazines - Page 47

Petpourri HOT DOG! We’re Talkin’ Summer Safety By Ashlee Verba I N A PLACE LIKE LAS VEGAS , SUMMERTIME CAN BE a double-edged sword: while we all antici- pate soaking up some long-awaited vitamin D, there’s no denying it gets blasted hot out there. With temperatures easily reaching over 105ºF on a daily basis there are considerations and provi- sions that need to be made for anybody enjoying an outdoor activity – but especially our pets. It’s a simple and all too common thought that our pets are animals who are naturally built to endure and adapt to their surroundings, includ- ing hotter temperatures. Sure, our pets can certainly withstand the heat, but that doesn’t mean they know how to proactively prevent the dangers of heatstroke and other warm weather woes; and that’s where we as pet owners come in. If you’re feeling suddenly insecure about your summer safety smarts, not to worry! You’re in the right spot for a quick