July 2017 Magazines - Page 44

Livin’ Local Surf the Sky After lunch I headed back to the harbor to experience the phenomenon known as “Flyboarding.” If not familiar with the sport, Flyboarding (also known as hydro!boarding) is a fast growing water sport where participants strap a set of water jets to their feet, 44 and a hose (from 50' to 80' long depending on the three did quite well), I decided to give it a try, but experience) is retrofitted to a nearby jet ski that acts alas, I wasn’t able to stay up for more than 10 seconds as the water pressure pump. The flyboarder holds a before executing more near perfect face!plants into the pistol grip device in one hand and can control the water. I think I could have gotten the hang of it with a amount of water pressure exiting the jets. Steering is few more attempts, but between the wakeboarding and a accomplished simply by leaning fore and aft, and filling lunch I was ready to kick back and watch pro raising your left or right foot to turn. For beginners, flyboarder (and LLV Water Sports Manager) Sean Ray do the water pressure is controlled by the instructor his thing. Sean’s only been flyboarding for two years, but because trust me, you’ll have enough stuff to think he’s already ranked within the top 30 flyboarders in the about when suddenly being raised out of the water world. You can often catch Sean practicing his high!flying and trying to keep your balance. After watching a acrobat routine at Lake Las Vegas when he’s not out of group of three take turns on the flyboard (two out of town and competing. Believe me, it’s a sight to behold.