July 2017 Magazines - Page 41

A Step Above 2017 Steve Stephen The Meadows School valedictorian Steve Stephen has been busy. Throughout his high school career, he’s mastered the euphonium, risen to the head of his class, founded and held leadership positions in numerous clubs and dedicated literally hundreds of hours to community service. It’s enough to make one’s head spin, but he manages with a humble mindset, acknowledging that even though he may not be the best at everything, being aware of shortcomings is the first step in improving them. Ambitious, thoughtful and kind, giving back to the community is as important to him as pursuing his own dreams, and for that, Steve Stephen is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 5.10 Sports/Activities: • JV Basketball, 2013-2015; Captain, 2014-2015 • Varsity Track and Field, 2013-2014 & 2015-2016 • Varsity Basketball, 2016-2017 • Pep Band (Euphonium), 2013-2017 • Symphonic Band (Euphonium), 2013-2017 • National Honor Society, 2015-2017; President 2017 • STEM Club, 2013-2017; President & Co-Founder • National Spanish Honor Society, 2015-2017 • Cum Laude Society, 2015-2017 • Recycling Club, 2014-2017 • Science Bowl, 2014-2017; Captain • Student Congress Representative, 2014-2017 • UNLV Chemistry Department Research Assistant, 2016-2017 Awards/Community Service: • Valedictorian • 3rd Place–Nevada Regional Science Bowl, 2015; 5th Place, 2017 • State Semi-Finalist–Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) Bowl, 2015 • AP Scholar with Distinction, 2016 • National Merit $2500 Scholarship Winner, 2017 • Presidential Scholar Candidate/Semifinalist, 2017 • The Meadows School Annual Academic Awards, 2013-2016 • Student of the Year, 2015 • Bausch and Lomb Outstanding Junior in Science Award and Scholarship Winner, 2016/2017 • 1st Place–National Spanish Exam Nevada (Levels 2, 3 and 5), 2013/2014/2016; 2nd Place–Spanish 4, 2015 • Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health Volunteer (100 hours) • Sport Social Volunteer (100 hours) • St. Rose Hospitals Volunteer (800 hours) What do you intend to accomplish at University of Rochester? “My goal at the University of Rochester, in its 8-year Rochester Early Medical Scholars Program, is to develop a very diverse set of skills and to have a broad range of experiences so that I can have a versatile and impactful medical career. I hope to be more than just an ordinary doctor for my patients. I hope to be a friend, mentor, advisor, and to make my patients feel like somebody.” Has anyone inspired your career goals? “I look up to my teachers because of their dedication and time spent on students. Teachers influence the lives of so many individuals throughout their careers, helping students develop both in and out of the classroom. Just as my teachers are driven by a sense of purpose, I hope to be motivated each day as a physician to do what’s best for my patients and my community.” July/August 2017 Which of your community service endeavors have been most meaningful to you? “As President of NHS, it’s really fulfilling being able to organize 11-12 different projects each year with the other officers to help all sorts of people. Additionally, I’ve been volunteering at St. Rose Hospitals since January 2013, and it’s amazing to look back on all the conversations I’ve had with hundreds of patients and their fam- ily members.” 41