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Friday, July 14, 2017 The Colebrook Chronicle Obituaries (Continued from page 16) fishing that he loved. He leaves behind his three children, Mark Hebert and wife Joy of Pittsburg, Richard M. Hebert and wife Angela of Mil- ton, Vt., and Michelle Lincoln and husband Daniel of Windsor; seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren; and a sis- ter, Lucille Cote of Florida Richard is preceded in death by his loving wife of 52 years, Claudette (Lavigne) Hebert in 2013. There are no public calling hours. A private family service will be held at at a later date. Condolences may be offered to the family online by going to www.jenkinsnewman.com. Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Jenkins and Newman Funeral Home, Colebrook. Barbara S. Chace BARBARA S. CHACE LANCASTER–Barbara S. Chace, 91, formerly of Portland Street, died Saturday July 8, 2017 at the Coos County Nursing Hospital in West Stewartstown. She was born September 10, 1925 in Lewiston, Maine, the daughter of Walter C. and Alice Mae (Ablett) Scott Sr. In her earlier years, Barbara lived in Lewiston, and had attended schools there and Busi- ness College. She later went on to graduate from the Boston Conservatory of Music. In 1964 she married Walter Harrison and the couple made their home in Rhode Island. After Walter’s death she married Henry Chace in 1973 and moved to Boothbay Harbor, Maine, in 1976. While in Maine she ran the West Gate Guest House for 25 years, and was a founding mem- ber of St. Columba’s Episcopal Church in Boothbay Harbor. Additionally, she had served on the local ambulance service for several years and had been a member of the Eastern Star. After retirement she moved to the North Country where she enjoyed reading, doing crossword puzzles and gardening. Survivors include two daugh- ters, Barbara Dobson and her husband Ken, of Jefferson and Wendy L. Harrison of George- town, Maine, a son, Stephen P. Harrison and his wife, Sue, of Cranston, R.I., seven grandchil- dren, Kevin Harrison, Scott Har- rison, Ian Quinn, Bane Shaheen, Jessica Bisson, Daniel Dobson and Barbara Chartier, and two great grandchildren, Melody Harrison and Deacon Bisson. She also had a very special place in her heart for Nicole and Tom Jamison and their children Leah and Megan. She is also survived by numerous, nieces, nephews and cousins. Besides her husband, Henry, she was predeceased by her sis- ter Beverly Mae Scott, a brother Walter Scott Jr. and sister-in- law Carolyn Simpson Scott The family will conduct pri- vate services at a later date. Arrangements are under the direction of Bailey Funeral Home in Lancaster. Please go to www.baileyfh.net for more infor- mation or to send an online con- dolence. Tod Dalphonse TOD DALPHONSE NORTHUMBERLAND–Tod Dalphonse, 39, passed away on July 9, 2017 due to injuries received in a motor vehicle acci- dent. He was born in Berlin and resided in Northumberland. He was the son of Rolanda and Michael (Mitch) Duchesne and Lawrence Dalphonse. Tod owned Tod’s Au F&Gw&fWFFBFW67&&VB2ƖfRF0v( &6RG27WBB7Ɨ@vBvvVVƖrB6r( ФRF&FR2v&@7V6ƗVB6"&W7F&F06VFr2( ser&VWFRF@v2fBfW"bFRWFF'26"&6rFVƗFFW&&W0B7VB2g&VRFRvF0f֖ǒB26֖֖आR27W'ffVB'2&VG3FVRf&BFRFW"`26G&V֖B6#0v&g&VB6V֖W"FPFW"b26G&VFVB֖67FW"גV"Ц&&BW"W6&BvV&vR@FV"6G&V6vRB&W#67FW"7W6GW&VW"W2Ц&B&&W'BBFV"FVvFW Ɨ&S7FWFW"6W'FЧ6RBW"6G&VvRVǒB&VRB7FWЦFW"F&VVF6R@W"FVvFW"&V62vV0VG2V6W2B6W62आRv2fVB'WFVFV@f֖ǒBg&VG26VV'&FbƖfRvFƖv@&Vg&W6VG2v&RVBBFPvFRVF6WB&W&ƖVǒ#"B2V6Rf6@FV"f6V&vRF%5eV&FF2ƖWR`fvW'2v&R6WB6FR'FN( 0&VG2FV&fFRf"06G&V6&Rb&FGV6ЦW6R&cCr&W&Ɩ䀣3Ss'&vVVG2&RVG'W7FV@FFP&7G&r6'&gVW&Rw&fWFF6VBFRf֖ǒ6FV6W2fFRƖR&Vv7FW"&f6@wwr&7G&v6'&gVW&ƀR64dDTPu$dU4DR4U%d4PEE4%U$~( 46frFTRbGG6'W&rFV@#w&fW6FR6֗BЧF6W'f6RvF֖ƗF''0v&RVBvBvVBfP&VV2F&'FF6GW"ЦFVǒRBBFPR6VWFW''B2GG2Ц'W&r'&vVVG2&RVFW"FPF&V7FbV涖2BWrЦgVW&R6V'&%DU"BĔDt4E24U%d4Pu$dUD( 4'&Vbw&fRЧ6FR6W'f6Rv&RVBf 'FW"BƖFv6ЦG2B7VW"7G&VWB6VWFW'67FW"GVW6FVǐBBFR6W'f6Rv&Pff6FVB'f֖ǒ'&vVVG2&RVFW"FPF&V7Fb&WgVW&P67FW"V6RvFwwr&WfWBf"&Rf"ЦF"F6VBƖR6ЦFV6RvR