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Page 16 The Colebrook Chronicle Friday, July 14, 2017 Obituaries William M. Robarts WILLIAM M. ROBARTS LANCASTER–William M. Robarts, 93, of Summer Street, died Thursday July 6, 2017 at the Country Village Health Care, in Lancaster. Born August 28, 1923, in Lake City Florida, he was the son of George Andrew Lites and Elizabeth (Engle) Robarts. He graduated from Lake City High School and went on to grad- uate from Maryville College in Maryville Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree and received his Masters in Library Science from Columbia University in New York City. For many years he served as the Assistant Librarian for Union Theological Seminary in New York City. On July 18, 1976 he married Barbara Reed in St. Johnsbury, Vt., and they have made Lan- caster their home since 1979. An active member of the Lancaster Congregational Church, William sang in the choir and served many years as the church histo- rian. Gardening, especially Afri- can violets, stamp collecting and photography were special pas- times for him. Besides his wife Barbara, he is survived by three children; Margaret Turner and her hus- band, Michael of Northfield, Vt., Daniel Robarts and his wife, Claire of Brunswick, Maine and Jonathan Robarts and his wife, Emily of Guildhall, Vt., along with six grandchildren, Ellie Turner, James Robarts, William Robarts, Victoria Whitcomb, Madison Robarts and Liem Robarts and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. He was predeceased by a sis- ter Mary Margaret Miller and a brother George A.L. Robarts Jr. Services will be conducted by the family at a later date. Arrangements are under the direction of Bailey Funeral Home in Lancaster. Please go to www.baileyfh.net for more infor- mation or to send an online con- dolence. ROBERT NEIL MILLIGAN LINCOLN–Robert Neil Milli- gan, 50, of Catlett, Va., passed away 7VFFVǒVǒ#pƖ6gFW"gVfVBF'F6Frv'&V@RF2B&FrvF0Eb'VFFW2&&W'Bv2&&FV2#cb&ƖwFfF&&W'BB֖Ɩv@'WBRv2w&BЧVFRb&6FV2t6Vv66frЦr2fFW"w2fG7FW2P&V6RFWW"&FW&ЧF"Eu2'F6FrfVBF2vfrFV7G&ЧF2b&66WB6V'2@W&WF67&&F2"6RЧFFbfFvRW2&&W'Bv&VBf"f&ff&v6VGvfW&VBf fW"3V'22f&FFV6wvW"f"FPV&W6W&6W2FW'FVBआR&V6VfVBv&G2fW FRV'26VFrVVR`FRV"f"WGv&F֖2ЧG&Ff"66V7WFfPV'26FVrvF26ЧWFW"62RvVB$6RЧF2BVVBW7F&Ɨ6pg&VG62vRVpFW'2V&FRvbf&ЧFFV6wआ2ff&FR7'Bv2vFW"ЦW72Eb%Eb&FrGfVЧGW&W2vF2fVrVFW67G2W7V6ǒbBv2W"'V7W'FrFR666W"fVЦFF"f"6f֖ǒ6W6PvWFW"f"66W""FW"6VVG2RFWfVVBBv2FPF֖7G&F"f"EevB6Чv62v&BvFRV&W"Ч6R6FFVB2 V6V"F62f"fRPBFRGW&&ƗGF&Vg&VBFRVRR6R6F7BvFBFV6VBFPƗfW2b6FffW&VBVRआR6B6FvW2VW&w&WBFBv&R76&PF&WƖ6FR&&W'Bv26G'VRvVFVWfW'6V6R`FRv&BBvVBvfRRFP6'Bfb2&6bRVVFV@BRv2v2&VGvFVrBF66Ɨ6琧F6BfW&6R&&V0f6rF6RVVB&VBFVvRv2B6VbfFW"R6W'fVB2fFW fwW&RFbF6R&V@Rv2W7V6ǒ&VB`2V6RvvR7W'ffrV&W'2&R0FW"'֖Ɩv'&FW'2V&Bb6FWGB֖6V`&6B67FW"g&6W0VVW"6W&FfB7RЦ6V6R&v&WB&6RrЦvRVVW"b76266W''V6VBG2bEb%Eb'VFFW2P2&VFV6V6VB'2w&G"ЦVG2VB'FW&␤WBB&6&BBfvPǖ֖ƖvBfFW"&"ЦW'BBƖv'W&v&RBFW"FFPB7FWvV&v&FV2762fखƖWRbfvW'2V&FF2&RFR0V'Fw&fWFF&gB67FFR7G&VWB&s"w&fWF3S""W 6W&666W""V'@766F'&vVVG2&RVFW"FPF&V7FbFR&WgVW&R67FW"V6RvFwwr&WfWBf"&Rf"ЦF"F6VBƖR6ЦFV6R&6&BV&W'@$4$BT$U%@EE4%U$~( 5&6&@आV&W'Bs2bGG6'W&r76V@vB2&W6FV6RvVFW6FVǒR#rआRv2&&6WGBधVǒ#C26FFRFP&vW"rBFW'''W6W"V&W'B&6&N( 26&VW"v22WF&G&W7F&W"&VvpvVRv2ǒbआP&W7F&VBFVR6'2&fW76Цǒf"#RV'2&WF&r#RआRv&VBFR6W7FW &VB6WFW&f"ЦVvWF62BBFVP&W7F&F62VFfrFGG6'W&rsvW&RRv0&RFVFRVFr@6FVVBvR