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Page 14 The Colebrook Chronicle Friday, July 14, 2017 Around The Region Les Scouts de l’Erable had their Scouting Jamboree recently, with activities taking place all around - including along some wooded trails. Corey Bellam photo. FIREFIGHTERS SUPPORT LEUCAN Last Saturday, the Cookshire- Eaton Firefighters joined with Leucan–an association to help children coping with cancer–to hold an event filled with family fun at the Cookshire Ballpark. The event started at around 10 a.m. with children's activities to include a ballgame, face painting, inflatable games, and a donation- based food canteen. After lunch the Cookshire-Eaton firemen and first responders, along with first responder trainer and now hon- orary President of Leucan, Fran- cois Aumais, put on a demo with the Service Ambulancier Estrie to show how these highly trained people save lives every day. A bleeding dummy with many assorted wounds was worked on and prepared for transport. At around 3 p.m., a head shav- ing started, to raise money for Leucan. The Cookshire-Eaton firefighters were quick to step up and bare their heads for the cause. The true highlight of the day was when Sylvie Lapointe, who is a town councilor, was asked if she would shave her head. She turned quick and said “I will, for $1,000 donation to Leucan.” The Firemen were on board, and the deal was done. When it came her turn, she strut- ted up and sat down in the chair for the cause. After the event, all donations were counted up from the head shaving. The grand total was $2,335–not too bad for one half hour of hair cutting. We spoke with Eric Cloudier, Fire Chief for Cookshire-Eaton, and Marcel Char