July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 56

Swollfest Fishing Rodeo ends on a high note as it prepares for its 20 year anniversay! T here have been 19 years of Swollfest, some good, some not so good, heavy rain, no rain, gale force winds, slick calm, but always on the upslope to better things, bigger fish. Each year, the excitement rises, the attendance grows, the quality increases, and so do the fishermen; therefore, so do the fish. It has been a very interesting dynamic over the years getting to the point we have gotten to, with the trepidation of the unknown lying on the horizon. Fishing has its own mysteries of allure, wondering what will come up on the other end of the line from some deep, dark corner of the Gulf; trying to always conquer bigger, better, further, deeper depths of the unfamiliar. In recent years, this has been the forefront of thought due to the tightening of offshore regulations. Everything you thought would be a staple of offshore fishing forever is now gone for HY\\Y[^\وYۘ\\X\ۋ[X\XYY][H[[KY\\ ]\[[[\ۈܛ\\]˂ZH[HX\ܞK[H]H˜[H]H[Y\ˈ\\‚M[H M˛X\[^[KBY\[ \™\\[[\]\œYHH[›وYHܜ]H]HXY\H[[و\ܜ]X[ܙHY[\\ܜˈH\X[Y\\[܈\[[\[ܙ\Y[[Y[\˂[[HZXYوH\B[^HY[\\HܙX]]K\žYX\\YYHY\]\[ۈ܈ܙ\ [Y\ Y\]\[\[Y\]\ܛ\\ܚ[]HY[ [Y\]ۙ\وY]H[\X]Z[H[\[^Y\Y[H[YH\]B[]Y[[\š\ܙHܛ\وY\\\Y[HXYYۈHYXY\܈H]YܚY\[Hٙ\H\H[]]H[HZY \Y[^Y[܈XX\XH[\وBY\]\[ۋ]H[Y\]\B[Z^وYHYHY\XY\]H\\ZYY[\ MZ[X\‘Y[x&\ N KHܙ\ [[X][H[[ݙ\[\\ HYܙX]\[\ YHY[YH[ۛHܛ\\[Y\ []\[\ ]HY\XY\˂\H\H\H]XY\™܈ M]HY\\H[\\]HXܙXZ\ZH\‚[\&\ M Y[ٚ[[H[\X[[X[&\ KؚXKB[]ܙX]Yۘ\\ZB[ܙH8&\ K[KHX[ K\]ܛ\\]YH\[H[^HY[x&\™]K]][\[]ۈ[&\˜[X[Y\و^XZ]\[ۋ[X[H[]H]HZ]YY\Z[ݙ\HY[&\]\[ۋ]\[ۙHYHܙX][YH]\YX\&\][[HX\\™YHH[H\X\]KH[H[Y]H]\\BܙX]\Z^و\X\[ۜܜ[[Y\[ܚ]\܈HܙX]\]\K]HY\[\YX\]\[ۙB\][ L H܈HYX[[Z[\\[[˂Y\H]HܙX]\\Y[[\\Y[[[\B[\\]H\]XZH\[][[ۙH\ ]]\[ۙH\[ۛ܈]^H\BHX]X\\\[[]8&\\HH܂[XH\ \\\[™ ]]H[\H[Hܛ]\ۜ[YY][[ܘ]YX][ۈ[X[YYXx&\ܘ\قX[]KH\Y^H\[Y[ \XX[HH[[Hۈ]\^K[YBۋHYH]\[\ܝ[[YH[[[\[›ZYܜX^H]HY[X[HY[ ]\H\ۈ]\]Z\\ۘ[؛[\\YH[H[YY ]\HXX[[YH]YX[Y][܈[H[H[ ]\[ۙHX]\]H]H[[\YۚX\K[[H\ܝ\ [XZH[B\H^YX\܈\ [X[BX\[\[[\܈[H LL  Mˈ\[HHXX[YX\[Y[\][YXX\H܈B[\YHوHZH[[&\][