July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 51

Kelly’s Top Picks Top 3 Summer Redfishing Baits 1) Manns Waker Crank Bait. Great over shallow grass and reds love the rattle. 2) Halls HD Spinnerbaits. Plenty of flash and tough as nails! 3) Saltwater Assassin 5 inch Fluke; rigged weightless Texas style 4/0 offset worm hook. Top 3 Canoe Fishing Areas (besides Lake Hermitage) 1) HWY 23 Grand Bayou Village Road 2) Port Sulfur behind High School 3) Buras around Joshua Marina Top 3 Summer Trout Fishing Top Water Baits 1) Mirrolure Top Dogs - chartreuse side orange belly 2) Heddon Super Spook Jr. - bone color 3) Bomber Long A - chrome and black>>> Why canoe vs. kayak? 1) Stability - I can stand all day and never worry about flipping. 2) Storage - I can hold two full sized coolers and enough gear for two people to stay out a week. 3) Versatility- I can go from duck ponds to flowing rivers to reservoirs. top of the redfish; a few actually bumped the underside of the canoe as they bolted away. “There’s a lot less fishing pressure in here, because of water depth,” Kelly explained as he pointed out the marsh remediation that had been done. “Some of the channels have filled in, so unless you have a mud boat, you’re not getting back here; but with my canoe, I could drag an alligator out of here if I wanted,” he said jokingly. We had two men, gear, and an ice chest of drinks and fish with no problems of getting through any of the marsh. At one point, we both had put good casts on an otherwise totally relaxed fish, but it didn’t give us even a hint of interest in the gold spoon or shallow-water crank bait. There’s only one treatment for an obvious case of “lockjaw” – shrimp imitation; and be- cause we were so slow and quiet, Kelly had enough time to tie-on a gig head/shrimp plastic and toss it to the finicky fish. Three’s a charm as we watched the redfish suck the gig off the bottom of the pond. Once we decided to call it a day, we started back to the launch and Kelly reflected on the fish that were missed and the fish that were caught, “This is just where I like to fish. I find it has a lot less grass than other marsh around here, but the water still stays clean.” But it wasn’t just the water quality that Kelly liked. Although we were always close to the launch, there weren’t any other boats within sight. It’s as if Kelly had his own marsh; just him, his ole canoe, and a slow float approach.