July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 49

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you couldn’t have missed the current kayak craze in saltwater fishing. What was a sleek and almost featureless topwater torpedo has morphed into something Seal Team 6 could use to eliminate terrorist trout. There are a multitude of reasons for this new found popularity, but contrary to the suspicions of most pirogue-loving Cajuns, this trend owes its success to the path navigated by the good “ole fashioned” canoe. K elly Watson, of the former Marsh Works Lure Company, is just as big a kayak proponent as anyone, but he’ll warn you not to underestimate the canoe. Kelly cut his teeth fishing out of canoes, it didn’t matter the type of fish or the fishing hole. Kelly is originally from Texas but moved to Baton Rouge as a child, then he headed back to Texas in the 90’s for college. While in college, Kelly started his initial guide business for large and smallmouth bass on H[]\[H[[YX[ܝ]Y[^\[Z\X[HH][ܙB[Y\[Y[[[[ۙH^K8'x&]H[ݙYX[ܝX[B[Y\^H[YHB^\8'HHY [H[H\]Y[HZH\Z]YH\XB\YܙHHX\B[ܛ[[\YZ؞HHX[[ۂ[ݙ\Hܚ^ۈ[KX\ ^[HYH][YH[B[\YY[\[H\[HYۙ][ۜˈ[H\\H M8&HYH]\BYK[X[X\XYHHۋ'\]\\[ K ]\Z[\ۈ]˜]X\ K ۈ] 8'H\H[Y]YBوH\X\X\ۈ]Y][[B[ 8']8&\[ܙHH[H^XZˈ[]8&\^H[ܙHXKY[[X\[B[\[\YܝXK'BH8']Yx'HY&]ZHۙB\Y\[[[YYX][KH[[ۂ۝[YY[H M˛X\[^[KBB