July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 46

cook restaurant, the always AMAZING Johnny Sanchez on Poydras; whether you get your fish cooked whole or in tacos, you will get insane good deliciousness. The MexicanLouisiana fusion restaurant, that emphasizes and spotlights fresh Louisiana seafood and produce, is owned by Louisiana’s own Chef John Besh and Food Network’s Chef Aaron Sanchez, and is helmed in the kitchen by Executive Chef Miles Landrem; all three are rock stars in the culinary world. It is my favorite restaurant and also my wife’s favorite. If you haven’t tried Johnny Sanchez, you should go. Now. It’s easily one of the best restaurants in a city full of incredible restaurants. Capt. John cleaned the fish, he told me, “Summer is a great time to fish for trout. They’re spawning and need food to keep up their energy. I guarantee fish, and to do so, I need to stay on the fish. My Humminbird helps in that so much. I pull up to a spot, and all I have to do is look at the Humminbird to see where the fish and bait are holding, the water temperature, structure, everything. I can even see when a fish hits the bait pod. No matter if fish are suspended or holding close to the bottom, I’m going to find the fish and my customers are going to catch them.” To book your guaranteed trip of a lifetime with Capt. John Falterman, JR and Therapy Charters, call 985-649-FISH or go to www.therapycharters.net; or visit Therapy Charters on Facebook or Instagram. Johnny Sanchez is located at 930 Poydras Street in New Orleans; phone number is 504-304-6615. Always call ahead before taking cleaned fish in, as the hook and cook may not be available during peak hours and special events. Ray Huntz - Writer, Photographer and Host and Producer of "Ray Huntz: Marsh Whisperer" On Twitter @MarshWhisperer On Facebook: Marsh Whisperer's Marsh