July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 44

Little did any of us know, as Capt. John got the Sportsman’s nose into the channel and headed towards Lake Borgne, we had all picked an incredible day to go fishing. We headed south once we hit Lake Borgne, in the direction of the rig where we wanted to start. About halfway there, we saw a big tarpon breach the surface, coming completely out of the water, before splashing back down. I took that as a very good sign for our day. As we pulled up to our rig, Capt. John lowered his remote control Minn Kota Ulterra and checked his Humminbird to make sure we were over the part of the shell pad where he wanted to start. We were right where he wanted to be, so as we got started fishing, the good captain explained what we were doing. Capt. John said, “It gets hot in Louisiana this time of year, so we look for deeper spots that have cooler water and structure for holding good numbers of solid and trophy trout; I like the deeper rigs out here in Lake Borgne, and the CSX bridge. In these deep spots, the water temperature on the surface might be 85 degrees, but on the bottom, it may be as low as 71 or 72 degrees. You wanna get the sweet spot that’s somewhere in the water column; that’s when my Humminbird is really handy, I can literally see where the fish are in the water column. I also like moving water, not too much, I don’t want the current to push the fish off. A lot of times, the fish will sit on the edge of the current or eddie where they can expend as little energy as possible ambushing food. I use a drop shot rig on Penn spinning rods and reels, with Fins braid on the spool and Berkley Big Game clear monofilament as a leader.” 44 July 2016 www.marshandbayou.com Capt. John continued, “The weight on the drop shot will vary depending on depth and current; I pretty much always use an Eagle Claw #6 treble hook. The reason I like the drop shot over a Carolina rig is I just feel you’re more in touch with your bait this way. No swivel and no weight going up and down your line means no extra contact points. It gives you a better feel from rod to bait. Bait can also tend to bury itself in the mud sometimes; and with the drop shot, I can suspend the bait anywhere in the water column where I want it to be. The weight is also a form of fish attractant; it will clatter all over the shell pads and draw attention to the bait. It’s a simple way to fish, and anyone can have success with it.” As Capt. John finished explaining his rigging, Jacob pulled in a very nice 16-inch trout. That was a very good way to start. A moment later, something absolutely smacked my live shrimp; I set the hook and started reeling. The fish felt like a trout, but, it seemed kind of big for a trout as hard as it was pulling. Then the fish hit the surface near the boat; it was a trout, it was big, and it was furiously shaking its head trying to throw the hook. Capt. John got the net under the fish and got the trout