July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 43

How to Avoid the Summer Doldrums and Catch Big Trout by Ray Huntz Marsh & Bayou Outfitters Sometimes, a fishing trip just comes together. When that happens, a great day on the water is guaranteed. I’ve had one of those days recently with Capt. John Falterman, Jr. and Therapy Charters. I still can’t get over just how good it was. So read on, and see exactly why this trip was so special. I was looking forward to going fishing with Capt. John; I’ve been following him on Facebook, and had seen pictures of all the trout he’d been catching. Big trout, at that. My alarm went off at 3:30am the morning of the trip. I was already awake, having the aforementioned sleep issues. So I hopped up, got some coffee, loaded up, and hit the road with Rigolets Marina as my destination. I got there early, found Capt. John and his son, Jacob, waiting on me, and loaded my stuff into his distinctive Louisiana Fish Fry-wrapped Sportsman boat. As I got my things, we were joined by award-winning documentary filmmaker Andre Lyon, who is in the midst of shooting a feature documentary on the beautiful marshes and waters of southeastern Louisiana, the people who make their living and play out there, and most importantly, the many critters that call our waters home. Andre is from Thibodaux, and has been longing to get back to Louisiana. As the documentary is still in production with a summer 2017 release, we aren’t able to reveal a lot about it, but Andre is excited about the project and being back in his home state. He commented, “Having grown up in Thibodaux, I’ve been waiting a long time to shoot a project in the area, and the stars have aligned for me to come back down and rediscover the true bounty and diversity of the Louisiana outdoors. I can’t pay tribute to it as well as the folks who’ve worked hard and played hard in the marsh all their lives, and that’s why I need to meet folks like you and Capt. John who can reeducate me on everything I’ve been missing out on.” July 2016 www.marshandbayou.com 43