July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 38

We used to just bounce around and do “whatever” on tournament days, but we often found ourselves struggling and not being competitive. For the last two years, we’ve made a game plan the night before and have mostly stuck to it depending on water levels and conditions. We choose five or six spots to hit in order, with time limits, and do our best to follow the plan. All anglers “win some and lose some.” What are your top four tips to win more? Always go for the win. Some guys play it safe and do well, but our plan is to win even if we get disqualified due to an oversized fish. Take the time to know the waters you fish. Study maps, tide, and wind direction. Spend time fishing with your tournament partner and know each other’s responsibilities. The toughest tournaments have been the ones where we didn't game plan enough. Use the right equipment, from Polarized sunglasses to the proper livewell, and everything in between. Name one thing you see most teams doing wrong. Stop catching fish the day before the tournament!!! That’s the most important rule of being successful on tournament day. You & Kris obviously spend a lot of time together, do y’all ever butt heads over strategy? We butt heads all the time, but it's usually after a tournament when we bombed. It’s easy to look back and realize you made mistakes, but 90% of the time we go where I’ve done my homework. The other 10% of the time, Kris has found something pre-fishing, and we know the spot is hot. Our most infamous “headbutting” came at Cypremort Point to end last year's Louisiana Saltwater Series (LASS) season. We scouted Dulac and Dularge for two days prior, but ended up going to an area we never fished and didn't really know how to find, all because I wanted to go against everything we’ve 38 42 July 2016 www.marshandbayou.com learned, and play it safe with our “Team of the Year” championship hanging within reach. We bombed, and we were pissed. I knew I made a mistake, but it was too late to make the long run to our fish, so we sat there and fumed. To make matters worse, LSU was embarrassing my Auburn Tigers with Leonard Fournette running all over us. My day couldn't get any better until we saw Josh and Mitchell pull up with a big fat ZERO! Then all was forgotten. We hugged, made up, and celebrated our Team of the Year Victory! Do y’all listen to music while tournament fishing? The only music we hear is when Ben and Adam are rocking out at blastoff. When we fish, we focus and make as little noise as possible. Name three other teams that always keeps you on your toes. Barnie and Steve White, Chris Kennedy and Steven Hooter There used to be several others, but they are taking a break from the tournament scene right now, and we wish they would come back. Favorite area to tournament fish: Delacroix Least favorite: Cypremort Point Hypothetically, you can ONLY have three baits for an entire season! What three and what color? Matrix Shad in Shrimp Creole Vortex Shad in Purple Haze Matrix Shad in Lemonhead What leader and knots do you use most? No leader, just straight 40 pound PowerPro braid with a palomar knot. Name three things you attribute to your & Kris’ success: We fish together whenever we can. We fish trout, redfish, snapper, deep jigging, deep dropping, sight fishing, etc. We spend time together on and off the water so we trust each other. How did you meet Kris & Benny? Benny called me a