July 2016 Volumn 17 Issue 193 - Page 35

S lidell born and Pearlington, MS raised, Capt. Kris Roberts grew up on the Pearl River in a family that fished - and fished a lot, there is no mistaking that fishing is in his blood. He was taught at a young age by his cousin, Jack, the ins and outs of fishing, and by his teenage years, Capt. Kris and his friends used to ride bikes from Pearlington to the Rigolets just to fish off the bank. Capt. Kris has been eaten up with fishing since his first trip; he even reminisced about a childhood time when his mother asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, and without hesitation, he responded, “ I want to be a professional fisherman.” Capt. Kris said his mom laughed at the notion then, but if she could see him now, he knows she would be proud. Benny Sanchez, on the other hand, was raised an Army brat and moved around the country throughout his childhood without any opportunities to discover the world of saltwater fishing; but like most people who move to south Louisiana, it doesn’t take long to get the itch, buy a rod & reel, start asking questions, and then wet your feet in one of the world’s best fisheries. Now Benny wasn’t a rookie to fishing at all, he actually began bass fishing under the direction of his cousin, a former amateur division Bassmasters champion, but he never caught a redfish until 2011. Benny may only have five or six years of saltwater fishing experience, but he is no slouch when it comes to filling the ice chest. So, how do a world traveler and a good ole boy get teamed up to be one of the most competitive teams in south Louisiana? Well, that’s an easy one - Back in 2011, Benny was asking the Matrix guru, Chas Champagne, about charter captains who would take out just one person, and Chas kind of laughed and said, “No one.” Well, apparently, Capt. Kris was standing close by and extended the offer for Benny to tag along with him since he was fishing anyway, and since that one trip and a pile of speckled trout, the odd couple was born. So there they were, the charter captain and owner of One Last Cast, LLC and the business owner and entrepreneur of every opportunity that crosses his mind, matched up as the homegrown odd couple of every team series that enters south Louisiana. With wins ranging from the Faux Pas, Our Lady of Lourdes, and various other trout tournaments to Team of the Year in the LASS (Louisiana Saltwater Series), this duo has a dynamic that so many others don’t. Their ability to pass the torch is amazing. If Capt. Kris is off his game one day, somehow Benny swings in and saves the day; if Capt. Kris is on his game, Benny takes the roll of everything else. It’s a true give and take relationship where no one gets all the credit. If they win, they both win; if they lose, they both accept the blame. Being a charter captain, Kris is able to make his own schedule and plan his day to fit both his clients and his pre-fishing; and while Benny may not have the water time Capt. Kris does prior to tournament day, he pulls his weight better than most. When it comes down to it, Benny, at times, is the gear that keeps the machine running smoothly. He studies maps, tides, and wind, handles net duties, keeps water temps in the live well right, spots fish so Capt. Kri [][K[XY\B\Y\[BX[H[H[[[ZY Z[[B\][ [B\][[\KH]Y\[ۈY\'\\ ܚ\][وH\'HX][N]\H\˜[H[YH܈YB[[H\YB[[] Nˈ[H]H[[\[[H^HX^BYHHY\[[وYK^H[[ZK^H[HH[X\Y\YBۈH\[Y[[K^H]BH\]]]HXZ]8&\]\[ [^B\XX]HH[YH[XX\[HX[HX[\[Z]Z\[][X][ۜ˜\[\[Y[\H][]\^H\ٙܙK[\[ܘX]\[\]]ۈH]\܈B[^Hو[[\[ \ ܚ\[[H\H[ܙH[\HX[Hۈ\[Y[^K^H\HH[Z[K\[Y[\][H[^]XKY\[[H ܚ\\X[HZHYܙHH\[Y[•\\Y\\[[ۈ][ۋY] [Xܛ^܂YKH[H^HX[\[X]BˈX\ZHZH\\[\[[ܝ[ BH[^\ۈH]\[]\[\XY[X\˂\HX\ٝ[KY\[\[H\[[HX\ٝ[\[Y[•\\HXH]Y\[ۈ[\]I^H\ YZ[[KY\[\ܙX]X]\H]]\ܚ\[YH[YH]ۈH[YHYH[\Y܈\[Y[^K]\X]\HH[ܙX]\H^HYܙHH\[Y[\ۉ[^\YX[^H[B\HH^Hً\]HZ[^H[ݙH[]\[\]\^H[ [\]\H[\H[˜[X]\]܈\\]X[HY x&]HY\Y[[\وܙX]\ ۛH[]B^^H^H\H[\XY]]H[^[\˂x&]H[Y^\XY[\\[Y[\Bx&]HYY[[[]\YY\[[YHܙX]\[Y[^K[H]\[HXX\[H\[Y[܈[HXH[YH[۝[YYۈYH [H M˛X\[^[KBB